Report: ‘Nagging and hounding’ Scott Frost hurt Florida, Tennessee in attempt to land the coach

  • Andrew Astleford
  • SEC Country
Dec 04, 2017

It appears some tactics used by Florida and Tennessee officials when courting Scott Frost reportedly hurt those respective programs in their attempt to land the coach.

On Sunday, Frost was introduced as Nebraska’s next coach after he led UCF to a 12-0 record this season. It marks a “coming home” of sorts for the former quarterback, who was a central part of the Cornhuskers’ most recent national title in 1997.

On Monday, ESPN’s Mitch Sherman published an in-depth piece that explained how Nebraska landed Frost. As part of the piece, it’s revealed that Florida and Tennessee pursued the coach, as had been widely reported. And from the perspective of Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos, the SEC schools made the mistake of “nagging and hounding” the young coach. As explained in the story, Moos knew that such an approach wouldn’t work with Frost, after consultation with former Frost’s close friend and former teammate Matt Davison.

Here’s more from the story:

From there, Moos stayed patient. He sent one text to Frost, wishing him luck on the field.

Moos watched as Florida and Tennessee pursued candidates, including Frost. “Nagging and hounding,” as Moos described it.

“I could sense and knew through Matt,” Moos said, “that did not resonate with Scott.”

Yes, Moos won this chess game. It appeared he took a shot at both Florida and Tennessee on Sunday as he introduced Frost, so he has the right to feel confident after landing his top choice.

This is a revealing inside look at how a high-profile hire can be made. It seems like Moos was wise to read Frost’s personality and recruit accordingly.

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