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Our online edition of the daily paper, accessible on any laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Read the entire paper, including news stories and ads, plus the comics, obituaries, Parade magazine and more.

  • Organized in the same page-by-page format you're familiar with in print
  • ePaper-exclusive sections and content: USAToday (daily) and Washington Post (Sundays only)
  • Searchable 30-day archive filled with past stories
  • Easy to share stories via email, Facebook and Twitter


Why am I being asked to login?

If you are clicking directly from your morning email, you will not have to login. If you are using a bookmarked URL, you will be asked to log in to access the new product. For any issues or questions, please continue to read the FAQ section below.

Why the update?

Our previous versions of ePaper vary radically in look and functionality and are based on various technologies. This update provides a consistent interface and improved features across all platforms, as well as modernizing the technology they're built upon. It also simpilfies our ability to manage and develop the app for the future. 

Here's a breakout of new features:

  • A fully responsive design – the app restyles itself to best fit your screen size
  • Cleaner, more newspaper-focused design to enhance reading.
  • Intro how-to pop-over
  • Collapsible side panels containing latest headlines and additional links.
  • Download editions for offline reading on any device (browser limitations may apply)
  • Download a cropped PDF of a page or article
  • Download a PDF of the entire newspaper
  • Print pages or articles
  • Text to voice reading of articles (device limitations may apply)
  • Translate articles to another language
  • Improved smartphone interface
  • Improved navigation
    • Tap/click on section or story breadcrumb to select another section or story
    • Collapsible page navigator – See page thumbnails and swipe to desired page.
    • In article views on widescreen monitors, select from a list of other stories in that section
    • Works well with mouse, mousewheel and touch navigation.


Continuing Features

  • Tap/click to zoom in on story
  • Zoom in/out on page
  • View pages as single or two-page spreads
  • Search stories, adverts, and photos
  • Links to additional subscriber content



How do I access it?

Web version (all devices): Go to Click/tap "E-PAPER". You will be asked to enter a user name and login. If you open the ePaper from our daily email, you’ll be automatically logged in.

Newspaper subscribers may use the same login. If you are a newspaper subscriber and do not know your login or still need to register your account, please visit to set up your username and password.

If you do not have an existing subscription, the ePaper can be purchased by itself or in combination with a print subscription.  Visit for more information.


Do I need to do anything or will it automatically refresh?

You don’t need to do anything. The newer site will appear for you on login automatically. If you have the older URLs bookmarked, they’ll redirect you to the new ODN.


What web browsers are supported?

  • Current versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox are recommended.
  • Internet Explorer 10 and up.
  • IE9 and lower versions, Safari on Windows, and Opera will be redirected to update the browser.


Where’s my table of contents/section tabs? How do I jump to a section?

The "Sections" button at the top left opens a Table of Contents. Select any section and article to jump to it. Click X to close.

In addition, at the bottom of the window, there is a breadcrumb menu showing you what section and story you’re in. Tap/Click the section or story name to select another section from the list, or another story within the active section to move there.


How do I zoom and scroll / move the news page?

On a desktop or tablet, you can use your mouse to click and drag, or use the mouse-wheel to scroll the news page. To magnify the ePaper, you can use the zoom-in/out buttons on the toolbar or single-click anywhere on the ePaper.

On a tablet or smartphone, tap and drag to move the page, pinch/zoom in magnify in or out.


How do I bring up the story view? When I tap the story, all it does is zoom in on the page?

In this version of the ePaper:

  • a single tap/click will zoom in on a page.
  • a double-tap/click will open the story view.


How do I print out my crossword/story/photo?

Double-click on the article or crossword to open it in a printable window view, then select the "print" icon on the top right corner.


How do I turn to the next page?

On any device, you can click the blue tabs with white arrows. They are on the left and right side of the window.

You can also swipe left and right on a touchscreen or using your mouse.


How do I download the edition, a page, or part of a page as a PDF?

  • To download the entire edition: While on any page, tap/click the download button and select the ‘Download PDF’ The time to download and size of the PDF will vary with edition size and number of pages.
  • To download a page or part of page, go to that page, tap/click the download button and select the ‘PDF crop” button.
  • Drag the selection box around the entire page, or just the story you want, and then tap/click ‘Get PDF’


How can I read the paper without internet connection?

  • To go offline immediately, click "Save" then "Go offline". If you have not saved the paper already, you will be asked to download it. After it is finished downloading, the ePaper will go into "offline mode". To go online again, click "Save" then "Go online".
  • To save the paper for later reading in your browser, click "Save" then "Save issue". The paper will be saved in your browser, available for reading even without internet connectivity.
  • If you are on a tablet or phone and your browser does not have a large enough browser cache, you can also save the entire paper for later by clicking "Save" then "Download PDF". The paper will open in your device's PDF reader rather than the browser.


Can I swipe between articles?

Yes. Once in the article level view, you can swipe to see the previous and next articles, respectively (or by clicking the prev/next buttons). Also, if you’re reading on a widescreen monitor, you can also choose from a list of stories in that section in the right side panel.


Can I share stories?

Yes –Look for the share buttons on the story level pages. You can share by email, Facebook, and Twitter.


How do I turn on Text to Voice?

Double-click to open an article in story view. Click the speaker icon in the top right toolbar, then press the "Listen" button.


Does the ePaper update throughout the day?

The ePaper presents the daily edition newspaper, including some ePaper-only sections and pages. Occasionally, we may publish sections or editions later in the day.

The left-hand rail will provide updated headlines, by section, throughout the day.


Can I change the font size?

On the article view, you can increase or decrease font size using the font size icons, or on tablets and phones you can pinch/zoom to resize.


I don't like the newspaper replica view. Is there another option?

Yes. You can change to a list or newsfeed view by clicking on the "Digest" button in the toolbar.

  • The left column shows the current newspaper page
  • The right panel shows the headlines within the page.  Click on a headline or article text to open the article.
  • Once clicked, the article appears in a website format.  Other headlines in the section appear in the right panel. 
  • The article is “on top” of the headline list - Click the X at the upper right to close the article.


What is the right panel?

Once a section or article has been selected, the right panel displays a list of other articles in the section.

The section can be collapsed by clicking the X in the top of the panel. If the screen size is small (such as on a phone), the right panel is collapsed automatically.

The panel can be reopened by clicking the blue Updates button at the far right.


What do all the buttons in the toolbar do?




Shows a drop-down list of the sections of the paper.  The menu stays open until the icon is clicked again.


This is the Back Issues icon.  Lists available ePaper back issues with links to each one.


Allows subscribers to access grocery coupons and weekly ad inserts.


Link to FAQ


Allows you to choose the preferred default display.  The view selected takes effect on the your next login.


Allows the user to create alerts for a particular keyword search.


Prints out the paper. Allows you to select the whole paper (default) or a range of pages for printing.


Zoom out - Shrinks the newspaper view so that more of the page is visible.


Zoom in - Enlarges the newspaper view


Allows you to select how the page is displayed: Fit to width, fit to height, full-screen, and 2-page view. This is only available in Replica. The icon in the toolbar reflects your current view.


Has 4 download options:

  • Go Offline - Disconnects from Internet/data. Will ask you to save issue first if the paper has not been downloaded yet.
  • Save Issue - Downloads paper for offline reading, saves in browser.
  • PDF Crop - Allows you to draw a box around a part of the current page and saves the selection as a PDF file.
  • Download PDF - Downloads entire paper as a PDF file.


Selected by default.  Displays newspaper view.


Displays stories in a list view.


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