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Letters to the editor: Sept. 8, 2017

Today was the first time I loved being in a long line.

We were dropping off three truckloads of new toys and blankets to the relief center. I love seeing people give their own time and money to help those in need. We know people who took time off work and used their own boats just to help those who need. Thanks to Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody who cut the red tape and just did the right thing — and will use his own money if needed. To all the unsung heroes, I say thank you!


Hurricane Harvey has caused devastating damage with great financial, physical and emotional costs to the people of Texas and Louisiana — all races, cultures, and religions. Yet the people have stood together to help each other — nobody asking or caring about color of skin, culture or religion. A recent picture in the Austin-Statesman showcased this compassion: It showed two young men of color rescuing an older white male. The cost of Harvey to people will ultimately show to be less than what the current presidential decisions can cause.

To President Trump: We the people are stronger than your vitriolic tweets and rhetoric. We will survive you and remain strong for each other despite you!


I’m done with hearing that Hurricane Harvey is to blame for rising gas prices and making a mess of Texas coast.

Hurricane Harvey is a natural occurrence that is the result of planetary weather patterns that have been playing out on the gulf coast for centuries. Rising gas prices are the result of oil company decisions. The mess made of the Texas coast is the result of short-sighted, science-ignoring, greed-and-profit motivated decisions by human beings.

The hurricane didn’t pave over hundreds of square miles of sea-level coastal prairie. The hurricane didn’t build toxic chemical plants, pipelines and storage tanks on a storm-prone coast. If we people don’t start taking responsibility for our actions and our decisions, the results will be more and more catastrophic. But they won’t be the hurricane’s fault.


Re: Sept. 1 article, “Trump to give $1 million to hurricane relief efforts.”

I see that President Trump has announced that he will donate $1 million to Harvey hurricane victims, but he gave no details.

Going from experience, I feel confident in saying that there will not be any actual, like, money exchanged. It will be a $1 million worth of golf games at Mar-a-Lago. For those who wonder what to do with a golf game, he will no doubt offer a buy-back program at his normal penny-on-the-dollar rate.


Having been an Austinite for a while now, I still enjoy browsing our local shops just as much as our tourists do. I’ve noticed that with recent high temperatures, stores are keeping their doors open with the air conditioner on. This bothered me.

I recently heard of Generation 180’s campaign called Keep It Cool and learned that the average store with its doors open all summer generates the same amount of carbon dioxide emitted by a diesel semi-truck driving from Austin to El Paso and back. So, while the cool air from open doors may feel good, it’s harming the environment.

Austin is a phenomenal place to support local businesses and help reduce waste and pollution. I encourage retailers to keep their doors closed to conserve energy as our hot weather continues. We shoppers can do our part by engaging with campaigns like “Keep it Cool.”


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