Letters to the editor: Oct. 18, 2017

    4:55 p.m Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017 Opinion

Re: Oct. 12 commentary, “Herman: Superman rappelling. What’s wrong with this picture?”

Ken Herman must need work.

His write-up demeans the Austin Police Department’s voluntary rappelling effort to put a smile on ill children at Dell Children’s Medical Center on Superhero Day.

According to Mr. Herman, it could possibility traumatize the children for many years. I am sure the parents of those children would strongly disagree.

Mr. Herman has reached a new low in professional journalism.


Re: Oct. 12 commentary, “Herman: Superman rappelling. What’s wrong with this picture?”

Kids, rest easy if you saw a picture of Superman using ropes to rappel down the roof of a local hospital. The simple explanation is that Superman was recovering from the ill effects of having been exposed to Kryptonite.

Some nice friendly window-washers lent him their ropes until he could full recover his strength. Even Superman needs help from time to time from his friends. Now, about Santa Claus … .


Re: Oct. 12 letter to the editor, “A dose of reality: Bring back the military draft.”

The writer proposes a rambling, mostly irrelevant list of policies that he supposes will fix whatever he thinks is broken with the right to peaceful protest. Two of the policies he wishes upon his fellow Americans are particularly odious: that everyone should serve in a combat zone and that black NFL players specifically “must” do so.

It’s repulsive on so many levels to wish that anyone, more so everyone, serve in combat, even if it is unfortunately necessary on occasion. But does a strong enough negative adjective even exist to describe his double-downed singling out of a particular race for that experience?

The writer clearly exemplifies the disturbing prevalence of racist, intolerant and mean-spirited mindsets in this country. In doing so, he affirms the merit of both the protests and the protesters he finds so insufferable.


Re: Oct. 16 commentary, “Amazon wants its HQ2 in utopia — and tax breaks, too,” and “Stop development deals. Get Amazon with the ‘Texas Model.’”

I read with interest the editorial page concerning ways to encourage the new second headquarters of Amazon to Texas or Austin. In my opinion, the simple fact is that it is very unlikely that any company with a social conscience would relocate to Texas with the current state government controlled by the likes of Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. The only message that we the people could send is to vote these people out and elect more people like House Speaker Joe Straus.


I keep reading that the city is “listening” to the public about CodeNext. Well, folks, you’re having “listening sessions” with us, but it doesn’t look like you’ve heard much of what we’ve said, given what is in the latest draft of the Code.

Why don’t you encourage homeowners to provide truly affordable garage apartments without having to add another paved parking space— the current and still proposed requirement under the latest draft of CodeNext? That would provide some density and neighborhood continuity at the same time. Why does the proposed code make it easier for a developer to put in a neighborhood bar while giving neighbors no right to protest?

The mayor and City Council are letting down the people who live here, pay taxes and vote. If you’re listening to us, put our neighborhood interests into the code first, not those of the speculators.