Letters to the editor: Oct. 17, 2017

    4:55 p.m Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017 Opinion
Kazique Prince of East Austin Colition for Quality Education speaks at an Austin school district Bond Panel on Wednesday at Huston-Tillotson University. Dustin Safranek for American-Statesman

The East Austin Coalition for Quality Education’s Equity by Design Forum emphasized to me that responsible citizens must do three things.

First, we must remember that the goal of the Austin school district’s bond measure is to provide better schools for kids. Secondly, we must insist that the board and administration begin to not only have more discussion about equity issues but also to have and carry out a plan to truly address inequities and the diverse needs of all students and schools.

My Northeast Austin neighborhood school needs electrical updates and technology equipment now. They also need everyone’s support for children who are mostly low income and enroll speaking 14 different languages.

Thus, we must vote yes on Nov. 7 for this imperfect bond that does not raise the tax rate. It will bring us one step forward toward improving our facilities, making them safe for children and providing much-needed technology upgrades.


Re: Oct. 11 commentary, “Will Amazon’s HQ2 home be the old Motorola campus?

I was happy to read about the refurbishment of Motorola’s campus, but in my opinion Amazon is not the company for Austin.

Our strength has grown from supporting local businesses, such as Rooster Teeth and Drilling Info, which have added extensively to our local economy. Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods has led to an abandonment of the local touch that made the brand so successful. Hopefully, if Amazon is planning HQ2 here, then they will be willing to fight Gov. Greg Abbott and his anti-Austin agenda. Otherwise, I doubt we need them.


Re: Oct. 13 article, “Ryan blames high-tax states as GOP lawmakers balk on plan.”

Paul Ryan has made one of the most incredulous statements in the history of politics. He argues that high-tax states like California, New York and New Jersey are being propped up by the federal government … yet seems strangely unaware that these same states pay billions more in taxes than they receive in return from the federal government.

In the same report, the writers state, “The three states send far more in taxes to Washington than they get back in federal spending, new data show. Divided by total state residents, New York gets back 81 cents for every $1 it pays in, New Jersey receives 74 cents and California, 96 cents.”

Ryan has apparently concluded that there is no penalty for lying as long as it fits the (preconceived and erroneous) notions of the base.

For shame, Mr. Speaker.


Re: Oct. 11 commentary, “What the NRA is hiding with phony bump stock concession.”

Amen to Dani Baylor for her excellent submission regarding the NRA.

Like her, I’m an NRA member in name only and do not financially support anything they do other than the magazine, which, as stated, is more about advertising than skill and sportsmanship. I am not planning to renew my subscription when it’s due.


We are living in dangerous times. I lived and fought for my country through the Cold War. I went into combat in Vietnam and have the scars and wounds of that conflict. Now I am aged and suffer both mentally and physically from the many years serving my country.

Our president obviously colluded with nefarious criminal elements of a foreign government and fails tragically to understand even the most elementary traditional rules required of his office. We must not sit on our hands as our country fails all of us. Let us stop this dangerous man-child from taking us to ruin.