Letters to the editor: Oct. 5, 2017

    11:12 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017 Opinion

Recently, I talked to my brother Johnand and his wife, Diane, who live in Salinas, Puerto Rico. They do not have electricity, phone or water. They were in San Juan at a friend’s house. They went to San Juan to make airline reservations. Their flight is in three weeks.

As far as relief efforts, they have seen one case of water and six meals ready to eat since Sept. 21.

Pinocchio is lying about Puerto Rico, relief efforts, just like any other day, any other topic. He is incompetent besides being a liar.


What is wrong with President Trump? He brags about the good federal response to help Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Yet, network news shows huge supply boxes still sitting on docks. Why hasn’t he sent our military with helicopters to get supplies inland to the residents who are starving, dehydrated and in need of medicine? The military can drop supplies from helicopters to these desperate thousands of citizens. They are stranded by damaged roads, debris, flooding or their own weakness from lack of food and water.

At the time this letter was written, Hurricane Maria had hit nine days ago. The fact that Trump can’t organize getting supplies to the entire country area is frightening and tragic. Our U.S. military is there for such emergencies.

Trump must organize the military into action now for the United States citizens of Puerto Rico. They are trying to stay alive.


Talk about hypocrisy! Trump being mad at Tom Price for running up a $1million dollar tab using private jets is a joke when you realize Trump himself wastes several million nearly every week on his taxpayer funded trips to his golf resorts? He’s already blown through the entire year’s Secret Service budget.

Drain the swamp, eh? The only wall he’s built is the one around the swamp, so he can fill it higher.


Where was that one good guy who could have stopped that one bad guy with a gun in Las Vegas? I’m sure the National Rifle Association will emphasize their position that we all need guns to protect ourselves.

I’m also sure that the politicians, who can’t bring themselves to stand up to the NRA and stop accepting their donations, will continue aiding and abetting the NRA and continue not listening to their constituents, who want sane gun control. Let’s see if this latest mass killing will finally move some politicians to listen to reason and promote gun control.


I am so glad that in these trying times we have a national leader who explains things so simply:

1. White protesters in Charlottesville who dress like the KKK, give Nazi salutes, carry flaming torches as if they’re at a medieval witch burning, and wave the flag of a region that seceded from the U.S., get lukewarm criticism at a news conference because there are “very fine people on both sides.”

2. Black protesters who take a knee during the national anthem get condemnation at a large public rally as SOB’s who should be fired from their jobs.

3. The difference in response is not about race.

Got it. Thanks, Mr. President!


That the right-wing taunt of “sore loser” keeps popping up in the letters to the editor mystifies me.

For two reasons: Hillary Clinton did not lose; she won by 3 million votes. And no one on the left talks about the election; they talk about the egregious, juvenile behavior of the president and the challenges confronting us.

As we look at Trump undermining his own secretary of state, picking fights with football players and attacking suffering Puerto Ricans, you cannot believe any of this is rational, presidential behavior. The election was not a football game that you “won.” This is our nation going down the tubes to a fascist state, losing power and credibility on the world stage and all you can do is ignore reality and shout “sore loser’?

Grow up, pay attention and take some responsibility. We are all in this mess together.