Letters to the editor: Nov. 22, 2017

    11:47 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017 Opinion

Re: Nov. 12 article, “Blanco reforesting drive alters riverbanks, minds”

Thank you for the inspiring and educational story about riparian recovery efforts after the devastating 2015 flood on the Blanco River.

I am so happy to see that landowners are catching on to the new culture of river ecology and planting trees.

The experts’ advice is simple: Leave shoreline grasses in a natural landscape to support tree seedlings. A single mowed path provides access to the water’s edge for recreation and fishing.

I hope all landowners with riverfront property heed this good advice.

The support for Tree Folks from H-E-B, state and local governments, universities and foundations is a beautiful model of cooperation.

These tree seedlings will re-create our beloved cypress lined river banks for future generations, a truly meaningful legacy.

The best relief for weather woes is to plant trees. Thanks, TreeFolks!


Re: Nov. 14 article, “AISD moves to rename remaining schools with Confederate ties by August.

Here we go again with political correctness in the schools.

The board president said: “We don’t need schools named for Confederate soldiers and sympathizers.” Probably most of us associate the names of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson as Confederates, but the names of Reagan, Lanier, Allan and Fulmore?

And why stop here? Using the board’s logic, we ought to rename our city. Austin must have been a slavery sympathizer, because the colonists he recruited had slaves.

And while we’re at it, how about Texas? Texas was part of the Confederacy and fought a revolution to help establish slavery — which the Mexican Constitution prohibited.


Re: Nov. 14 article, “AISD moves to rename remaining schools with Confederate ties by August.

I am deeply disappointed that Austin school board president Kendall Pace stopped short in identifying Stephen Fuller Austin as a slavery sympathizer. Wikipedia notes, “He also helped ensure the introduction of slavery into Texas despite the attempts of the Mexican government to ban the institution.”

People in such important positions should be more thorough in their indictments.


Toll roads are a disgrace to voters who pay — a double tax without representation, bona fide highway robbery is what toll roads are.

I had a blast on MoPac Boulevard racing cars today that are enabling highway robbery for selfish reasons.

As I witnessed these jokers taking the express toll, I was bound and determined to beat them with gleeful laughter. I was ahead of all three toll trolls as they exited from their special, illegal, unconstitutional toll road lanes and entered the lanes of the poor masses … only to be trapped in more traffic behind me. Great experience indeed.

Beating the toll trolls is a fun commute. Boycott!


We are in the beginning stages of a great transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. As fossil fuels become more difficult and expensive to extract, renewables have become cheaper.

Fossil-fuel energy production is the paradigm of the past, while renewables are the paradigm of the future. China and India are forging ahead at warp speed to develop and implement renewable technology. If the U.S. does not get on board with renewable technology, we will quickly be eclipsed as the leader in energy technology by China and India.

Our leaders in the U.S. must come to grips with the certainty that we must make this transition. We can accomplish this with a minimum of economic disruption, in a nonpartisan, market-oriented approach using the carbon fee and dividend method for gradually reducing our use of fossil fuels and smoothing the way to a renewables economy.