Letters to the editor: Nov. 18, 2017

Re: Nov. 14 article, “AISD moves to rename remaining schools with Confederate ties by August.”

When will it end?

If we’re going to re-name some Austin schools because they were named for Confederate soldiers and sympathizers, we also need to look at other places that bear these names. There is a street named after Lanier in my neighborhood. And then there is our major thoroughfare, Lamar Boulevard, named for Mirabeau Lamar, who pushed for Texas statehood to protect slavery. And then there are numerous parks, buildings and other public places across Texas that should be studied to see if they are linked to Confederate sympathizers.

How will all of this help explain the Confederacy and Civil War to future generations?


In the heat and anxiety of renaming everything from statues and schools to streets, has anyone stopped to realize that Stephen F. Austin, the founder of our great city, was in fact a huge proponent of slavery? The short-sighted and unintelligent approach of all this renaming and shaming boggles my imagination. Do we now rename our great city because Austin was a slaver?


I read with interest but concern the Austin school board’s agenda item regarding changing the name of Lanier High School.

As a former teacher and tax payer for over 60 years, I find it puzzling that they choose to spend their time on a politically controversial subject while, at the same time, choosing to ignore that our students score at the bottom in comparison to the rest of the world. Also, discouraging that the name of the school is even a topic for discussion when there are thousands of schools named for Washington, Jefferson, Taylor, Grant, Madison, Jackson and many others, all of whom were slave holders.

Let’s spend our time trying to raise our academic standards.


I find it interesting how many people seem to want to politicize the timing of 40-year-old sexual molestation allegations against Roy Moore.

Could it be these victims finally found their voice in the wake of numerous celebrity revelations of sexual harassment? Each day, more and more allegations are brought to light — and somehow the allegations by these victims are perceived as a political ploy. So much for the end of victim shaming.


Delegates from around the world gathered in Bonn, Germany, recently for meetings on the global climate treaty — including the landmark Paris Agreement. As a young person who will soon inherit the world that is handed down by our older, more experienced counterparts, I’m extremely concerned about climate change, especially since I feel that our environment is the only thing that we all have in common. Even as the president plans to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement and renege on our climate commitments, he’s sent a team to these negotiations to continue coaxing other countries to weaken their commitments as well.

I feel that the world needs action; islands like Barbuda and St. Martin already grapple with the devastating effects of climate change. I am writing to call on the U.S. to stand down and stop undermining the global climate talks.


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