Letters to the editor: Nov. 27, 2017

    Updated Nov 29, 2017
Qiling Wang
Workers perform welding inside the ultra-high purity room of Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions in September. QILING WANG / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

Re: Nov. 18 article, “Austin-area manufacturers battle tight job market.”

The front page article about the difficulties of finding factory workers — along with our 2.9 percent or thereabouts unemployment rate — makes ludicrous the idea of luring Amazon’s second headquarters here. Similarly the idea of a convention center expansion.

We are obviously not trying to bring in jobs to help with high unemployment. Apparently we just want Austin to get bigger and bigger, to become even more of a tech powerhouse and a “player” on the national scene. That’s not the Austin we used to want. Sure, we wanted a healthy economy and welcomed people who moved here, but we did not use — not to this extent at least — economic “bribery” to get businesses and people to come here.


On behalf of the thousands of motorists stranded for an hour daily along Enfield Road and the southbound MoPac access road, I would like to propose that whichever well-intentioned but woefully misguided employee who restriped MoPac’s entrance lane near the river go back to the paint closet.

Please undo the damage to traffic flow that occurred along with the opening of the new “express” lane. The wait to get onto South MoPac has now tripled, apparently to allow the express laners a lane of their own, causing the other lanes to choke into a narrow, unmoving mass of vehicles. What was once a workable merge process has now become a ridiculous mess. It now takes an hour to travel roughly one mile. Once launched onto MoPac across the river, cars begin flowing again.

Please undo the damage. Give us back our entrance lane.


Re: Nov. 18 article, “Chemical giant Monsanto seeks to stop Ark. ban on its herbicide.”

How sad that this article wasn’t printed on the front page. How sad that we, in America, continue to let chemical giants like Monsanto run this country. We are swimming in a sea of chemicals — over 80,000 of them — chemicals that are ruining our health and the health of our planet. And yet we do nothing.

This country faces many issues but it seems our health, and that of our planet, should be our priority.


David Butts, political consultant for the (AISD) pro-school bond PAC, says it passed because of “the Trump effect” and “it was indicative of the reaction to what they’re seeing around the country. We feel the turnout was boosted significantly because of that general attitude.”

There was a rousing 13 percent voter turnout, and 72 percent of them voted for the bond, which translates to 9 percent of eligible Austinites who voted for it. So, a lowly 9 percent turnout for it reflects “the Trump effect”? Seriously … seems more likely Butts is just another leftie suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.