Letters to the editor: July 17, 2017

Re: July 9 commentary, “Here’s one way you could feel better in the scorching heat.”

I was delighted to read the article by Susan Van Haitsma in which she explores the benefits of line-drying the laundry. At last — I have a partner sharing my delight in the Texas climate while saving energy by hanging laundry on the line to dry in the Texas sunshine.

I began line-drying my laundry in answer to the movement to save energy back in the 1970s. I continue the solitary practice into retirement to reap the benefits described in Haitsma’s article in the Statesman. Anybody else out there?


Re: July 9 commentary, “Here’s one way you could feel better in the scorching heat.”

Susan Van Haitsma is so right about the joys of hanging out clothes. Cloud-spotting, bird-watching, the feel of a welcome breeze on your face — these are some of the pleasures you miss if you have never seen your laundry fluttering in the wind. I feel fortunate to live in a neighborhood with no committee to tell me I can’t put up a clothesline. There are organizations like Laundry Liberation that help people fight clothesline restrictions.

Too many urbanites associate clotheslines with poverty. They don’t realize this is a long tradition that all our ancestors practiced if you look back far enough. Get out that clothesline and enjoy!


Re: July 6 article, “Ken Paxton collects $217,700 more for his defense fund.”

Ken Paxton accumulated about $547,000 in donations from “friends” to defend himself from state securities fraud charges. Paxton and his paid lawyers drag this out for nearly five years and work to prevent the prosecutors from being paid. Colin County Commissioners — Paxton’s home county — work to keep from paying the prosecutors. Our attorney general continues to evade a trial.

What ethical standards are at play here? Governor? Lieutenant Governor? Your silence is deafening. Hypocrisy reigns.

Only money and power are at play here.


Re: July 5 commentary, “Why a heaping dose of denial — not truth — should set you free.

It was hard for me to get past reading Lou Snead’s article. He uses words that mask the truth that leaps over so many facts. First, he stated the science about global warming has not been settled. He’s wrong. Over 90 percent of the world’s scientist has concluded climate change is a fact and caused by human activity.

He goes on to speak of denial strategy. This part of his article relates to racism, implying that all the problems and blame for lack of education and economic progress must be placed on people of color. All well-founded sociological research says otherwise. Critical research in the above areas prove Snead is peddling false information. Far too much of that going around these days. So sad.


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