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Letters to the editor: Dec. 9, 2017

Re: Dec. 4 article, “Could this lakefront parkland become Austin’s soccer stadium?”

It’s sad our current City Council would even consider allowing a private soccer franchise to use prime Austin parkland.

Butler Shores may be — according to the soccer team’s lobbyist — shabby in its current state. But this parcel is at the heart of “natural” Austin: the confluence of Barton Creek and the Colorado River. As Austin’s parks continue to be over-loved, this irreplaceable land will be needed for natural parkland in the future.

A soccer stadium does not require such a unique, beautiful site. Soccer fans (God bless ’em) can watch soccer anywhere. Perhaps there is another reason the City Council should not entertain this offer. According to media outlets in Ohio, the current owner of the team in 2013 promised to stay in Columbus for 10 years and is now breaking that commitment. Is this the type of enterprise Austin should do business with?


Re: Dec. 4 article, “Could this lakefront parkland become Austin’s soccer stadium?”

Has the Austin City Council lost its collective mind? The idea that the city would give away 15 acres of Lady Bird Lake parkland for a subsidized concrete stadium with parking for 20,000 people on little Toomey Road is unbelievable.

This area already deals with the Austin City Limits and Christmas crowds every year. City Council members should have to drive to Butler Shores during rush hour every day for a year as punishment for even considering this money-driven proposal.

As for the American-Statesman, reporting a quote from a lobbyist for the soccer team, which was an incorrect representation of the park, without an objective response from a member of the neighborhood is bad reporting not typical of the Statesman. It’s a wonderful green space that is utilized by the neighborhood and people throughout Austin.


Editor’s note: Precourt Sports Ventures has suggested no on-site parking at the proposed Butler Shores location.

“The best politicians money can buy” have turned into a costly luxury for their constituents.

My taxes will go up. My Medicare coverage will go down. My friends and loved ones will experience health, education, housing and quality-of-life losses.

My country will stagger under the burden of a trillion more dollars of national debt. There will be daily failures of infrastructure that cannot afford to be addressed. Our safety will be undermined because all public service expenditures, including the military, will be curtailed. People will die because their protections against structural, societal and international dangers can’t be maintained.

What will be maintained is the Republican donor class. Our elected representatives’ donors will cut them off if they don’t deliver tax cuts for the rich and for powerful business interests. You and I will pay for this unwholesome sugar daddy arrangement. And not just in dollars.


Once again this 86-year-old padre Tejano of Mexican ancestry continues to pray that one day very soon our president and lawmakers working on the immigration reform legislation package will deliver fruitful “resultados.”

My main concern revolves around the youngsters, “Dreamers,” who hopefully, after obtaining “registered provisional immigration status,” can apply for legal, permanent residency in five years — perhaps less time. Then they could immediately request priceless American citizenship. The Department of Homeland Security is empowered to streamline that progress and citizenship plans.


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