Letters to the editor: Aug. 20, 2018

Re: Aug. 15 commentary, “Georgetown’s renewable energy push earns worldwide acclaim.”

Kudos to Mayor Dale Ross for taking advantage of the available renewable power in Texas. Yes, for the city of about 70,000, it is doable — but it required future vision and willingness to move away from fossil fuels. It took years for Georgetown to contract for wind and solar power that was cost-competitive.

By generating large amounts of solar and wind energy, Texas makes it easier for cities to include renewable in their portfolio. Austin Energy’s renewable offset is 30 percent — and it expects to have 55 percent by 2025. San Antonio expects 20 percent offset by 2020. The U.S. renewable offset is about 10 percent, and it is going to take a colossal effort to move away from fossil fuels. Americans want more research for clean energy sources. Increased pollution is anti-health. Let us use our power of vote to elect leaders who will act to make our future more livable.


The sidewalks of downtown Austin have turned into playgrounds for people on motorized scooters, weaving and wobbling among startled pedestrians. The discarded scooters are everywhere, lying on sidewalks, curbs and landscaped areas.

These “toys” are also multiplying on the roads, slowing the traffic and unnerving car drivers who find themselves behind or next to these unsteady, vulnerable scooter riders in shorts and flip-flops — no helmet — swaying inches from their cars. Who made the decision to add scooters into the stew of Austin traffic?

What’s next? Motorized pogo sticks? Motorized stilts? Motorized Radio Flyers? Motorized grocery carts — anything to cater to tourists who find walking uncool.

Let’s reconsider this scooter decision — and this time, let’s include the people who are most affected: those of us who live and work downtown.


Re: Aug. 11 commentary, “As Trump fiddles with ‘fake news,’ hackers burn down voting system.”

Indeed, Russians (and other actors) might have hacked the computers of Donald Trump’s opponents. Then, through Wikileaks, we found out that Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic National Committee to push Bernie Sanders out. Oops. Busted!

As for the Russians nosing “their way into state voting systems”: Where, when, what damage was done? What votes were tampered with? What vote totals were incorrect?

The Statesman and its readers would be better served to sell an advertisement in those three columns rather than print the contribution from John Young.


Re: Aug. 11 letter to the editor, “Obama had his honorific; Trump deserves same.”

The letter you published was full of Trump-like words.

I don’t recall being “forced” to call President Obama anything. I often saw him referred to as “Obama.” Meanwhile, this nonconflict is being stoked. Why? To sow more doubt in the electorate?

Let’s stick to facts: Mr. Trump has lied more than 4,000 times in his 18 months in office, taken more time off than his predecessor, and cost the taxpayers more than $17 million as of April 16 in trips to his own golf course, Mar-a-Lago.

This does not include airlifting limousines, nor the trips to his two other golf courses in Virginia and New Jersey. But the writer refers to Barack Obama’s “antics.” Please elaborate.


As a concerned and emphatic citizen, I care about America’s Native American population. In fact, I have personally “adopted” a pair of Native American elders — and what that means is I send money twice a year. I also send them food boxes and gift certificates monthly, so that they can choose fresh meat and produce.

I just recently have become aware of the lack of financial support in our laws, which would provide necessary funds to aid the Navajo community and their assist their need for health care providers and doctors.

The Navajo live in difficult, remote areas and are reliant on these health care providers. I cannot help in their health care, but Rep. Michael T. McCaul and Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn could. I plead with my representatives to increase funding to keep these proud people with adequate resources.


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