Letters to the editor: Aug. 28, 2017

Re: Aug. 20 commentary, “Viewpoints: On racism, a president who’s lost the moral authority.”

I enjoyed reading your well written and thoughtful editorial.

In my opinion, President Donald Trump not only lacks moral courage on hate, he has no morals. In other words, Trump does not care whether his behavior is morally right.

Trump’s behavior — both prior to and during his campaign for president — reflects his lack of standards concerning acceptable behavior and beliefs.


I suggest all taxpayer funding be removed from the University of Texas. When they pander to one group to remove statues, they are not making a decision based on the rest of the Texas desires. What’s next? Removal of names on streets, buildings, cities, counties and elected officials with Confederate ancestors?


Robert E. Lee was a traitor. His intent was to destroy the United States and establish another country. Should we honor him?

The Charlottesville statue of Lee was put there in the 1920s during a resurgence of southern emotion, Jim Crow and occasional mobs intent on lynching a black individual. The KKK was in ascendance.

Patriots have been tolerant for nearly a century.

We must not in any way support thuggish behavior displayed in the desecration at the University of Virginia by neo-Nazis. We must not honor statues of traitors. These are trash. It is time for patriots to join together to take out the trash that pollutes our land.


Re: Aug. 19 letter to the editor, “Give no audience to those who promote hate.”

I agree with the sentiments expressed in this letter. What if, whenever a hate group rally is held, everyone else stays behind closed doors. Nobody on the streets or sidewalks, no newsmen or cameramen — absolutely no one to see or hear.

Reminds me of a bumper sticker from a few years back, which said, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” Won’t happen, of course, but what if?


I can’t believe that U.S. Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz will not stand up to the president.

They were elected to represent Texas. Are they scared to be “tweeted out” — or do they agree with him? What are you they thinking? I also can’t believe our governor and Texas Republicans can’t share their true beliefs. Texans deserve the right to know how they all truly feel as they are our elected officials. Do they all agree with the president? Do you they agree with their Republican leadership? Why is the Texas Republican party so quiet?


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