Letters to the editor: April 15, 2018

It seems the Great State of Texas isn’t so great anymore.

Due to Austin lawmakers, our nursing homes are the worst in the nation. Children in need health care or special education are severely limited. And the state does not enforce the immigration laws already on the books.

At the federal level, Congress has made a mockery of the way are tax dollars are handled. Congress now calls Medicare and Social Security “entitlements,” even though it is our money that funds both programs. Congress has added trillions of dollars to our federal debt with no regard to the consequences that future taxpayers will face. This neglect is totally irresponsible.


Re: April 10 article, “Texas GOP denies booth at state convention to conservative LGBT group.

Dear Log Cabin Republicans,

Oh boo-hoo. Have you read page 11 of the Republican Party of Texas Platform adopted in 2016 by your party?

The statement that says, “Homosexuality must not be presented as an alternative lifestyle, in public policy, nor should family be redefined to include homosexual couples.”

Maybe you’re waiting for your Sally Field moment to be liked by the Texas Republicans? To that I say, good luck!


Re: April 12 letter to the editor, “Rodeo Austin camera policy unreasonable.”

Just a quick note of apology to Tom Mast regarding our camera policy at Rodeo Austin. We are sanctioned by the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association and also under contractual restrictions from each live music entertainer and streaming and broadcast rights with LHN/ESPN. The policy of no public cameras during a performance is intended to honor those obligations. The same policy is applied for events in many concert and performance venues around town. I am sorry for your inconvenience.


The hypocritical Republicans in Congress are retiring. Paul Ryan is most proud of his “Midnight Express” tax cuts that were rushed through the Congress. Ryan and his GOP pals know that one year from now, many of us middle-income Americans will feel the effects of the deductions they eliminated, including property taxes for us Texans. Our children will curse them for decades as they struggle to pay for the additional $1 billion-plus deficit.

As with all the other standards of conduct and responsibility this Congress has ignored, Paul Ryan ignores the tradition that a captain will go down with the ship to save those for whom he is responsible. He isn’t sticking around for the hard part, creating a responsible budget which will require deep spending cuts to make up for the huge tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy.


U.S. Congress: How will you live with yourselves?

Foreign disgust and hatred replaces respect for our country while we, your citizens, are in grave danger.

Imagine the headlines worldwide, blaming our Congress for allowing our great country to slide dangerously near war.

How far do you, so-called leaders of every stripe, plan to go in enabling an unstable head of state who has, with your help and encouragement, angered the world, leading our great country to this point?

It may be too late to take charge, but after spending millions of dollars to gain a seat at the helm, it seems that the least Americans deserve is your sincere effort to redirect that which is within your power. Control this president — and impeach him.

This great land stands shaken to the core over the news each and every night. We are disgusted by the extent of your inaction.


Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein are performing the duty we the people have put to them: to fairly investigate potential foreign meddling in our government and abetting or collusion which may be related.

This is the time for Congress to step up and enact legislation that will protect the integrity of that investigation, allowing it to come to its findings in its own time and without interference, particularly from those in power whose conduct may be under review. We don’t yet know what those findings will turn out to b, good or ill, but due diligence is required nonetheless.


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