Letters to the editor: April 17, 2017

I saw an interesting movie recently set in West Texas, “Hell or High Water.” Good enough movie to get Jeff Bridges an Academy Award nomination for best actor in a supporting role, similar to the one he got for “The Last Picture Show.”

My pain comes from the fact that my beloved West Texas was portrayed by New Mexico. What’s wrong with having Texas movies filmed in Texas? Shame on those responsible for this travesty. Might as well have Alamo movies filmed in California!


Re: April 3 commentary,“Wear: Looking back at a century of change as TxDOT turns 100.”

Unless we’re complaining about traffic, the roads we drive on can be one of the most forgotten things in our community. However, there are professionals who never forget about them and work constantly to make them better, which are the 12,000-plus employees of the Texas Department of Transportation.

TxDOT turned 100 years old this month, so let’s take a moment to wish a happy birthday to the agency that helped develop the road system that has enabled our growth today and say thank you to the individuals who keep us safe on our roads every day.


Re: April 9 article, “Improving Africans’ health care, and his image.”

I am glad to see that former President George W. Bush continues to support the fight against AIDS. PEPFAR and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria have saved millions of lives. Building scale brought drug prices down. Research determined that placing HIV-infected patients on medication earlier helps prevent the spread of AIDS. The world is at a point where controlling HIV/AIDS is possible.

Without U.S. leadership and continued support, the incredible progress the world has made will not only stop but reverse, causing continued spread of the virus and loss of millions of lives. I encourage our Central Texas U.S. representatives to speak to Hal Rogers, chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee for State and Foreign Operations, in support of robust funding for these programs. As Bush said: “It’s in our national interest.”


Re: April 9 article, “Improving Africans’ health care, and his image.”

This headline implies to a scanning reader that ex-president George W. Bush is pursuing his HIV prevention effort in Africa for personal benefit. Nowhere does the article support this. In fact it is disputed by the author’s own description of Bush’s desire to avoid the press on the trip.

I opposed then-President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, the primary source of animosity toward him. However, that gives neither me nor the author the right to use personal opinion to divine for the public Bush’s intent for continuing to work on the HIV effort he began as president.

This is an example of bias that should not be blindly republished in the Statesman.


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