Herman: Dem gov candidate and Abbott consultant enjoy a Twitter chat

Nov 27, 2017

We’re coming up on the Dec. 11 candidate filing deadline. Sometime around then we’ll know if Texas Democrats will field a credible 2018 challenger to GOP Gov. Greg Abbott.

Those of us who favor two-party politics and count on politics to provide entertaining hand-to-hand, mouth-to-mouth combat are hoping we’ll get a legitimate two-candidate, two-party race. But that’s in doubt at this point in this contest.

So for now we’ll have to enjoy things like the Sunday-Monday Twitter combat between announced-but-unfiled Democratic gov candidate Andrew White of Houston, son of the late Gov. Mark White, and Dave Carney of New Hampshire, political consultant for Abbott.

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The entertaining back and forth seems to have started Sunday when Houston Chronicle columnist Erica Grieder asked White via the miracle/abomination of Twitter if he indeed plans to file for the gubernatorial race.

White’s tweeted reply: “The filing deadline hasn’t passed yet…” and “It’s Sunday night at 11 pm, and I’m still working. I’ve got a big deadline coming up.” He added a smiley face.

Carney, who is “granitewinger” on Twitter, butted in with helpful input to make sure White understands what it means to run for governor of all of Texas:

(FYI, a DMA is a “designated market area,” as in TV markets.)

White, replying to Carney, tweeted: “You’re right. Texas is huge. My zip code has more people than some New England states and the people here are tired of politics as usual.”





Carney, regarding the new Abbott folks following White, replied: “I’d assume it’s for training purposes — to avoid worst practices. We always (try) to get better every day, always trying to learn from others good or bad.”

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Here’s the Twitter tale of the tape for our two combatants: White has 214 followers. Carney has 6,502. White’s Twitter account ID says: “Not convinced zero is a number. Favorite movie: Glory. Favorite writer: CS Lewis. Puts the guber in gubernatorial.” (FYI, I first used the guber in gubernatorial line in reference to 1990 GOP candidate Clayton Williams. I now use Guber as the name of an East Texas ride-sharing startup I hope to establish in which folks will be thrown into the back of pickups and hauled to their destinations).

Carney’s Twitter account self-identifies him as “NH small business person, father, husband, diver. Proud Citizen ashamed my govt is tracking my cell phone traffic and emails. What has happened to the USA?” He lives in Hancock, N.H., population 1,644 as of 2015.

The Carney-White discussion flamed out early Monday afternoon, and Carney moved on to other targets.

“Best Fiction you mean?” he tweeted in response to former “Love Connection” and “Wheel of Fortune” host Chuck Woolery’s tweet mocking Time magazine honoring Hillary Clinton’s book as nonfiction book of the year.

Woolery has 319,647 followers.