Facebook comments: Nov. 5, 2017

As reported by the American-Statesman’s Katie Hall, Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services lost its employment contract after negotiations with the city came to an impasse this week. Representatives for the agency could not agree with Austin officials on issues such as compensation and credentialing, and city officials decided to stop negotiating. Austin interim City Manager Elaine Hart declined the EMS union’s request for a contract extension. Anthony Marquardt, president of the Austin-Travis County EMS union, said medics feel undervalued in Austin compared with police and firefighters.

Sebastian Mier: Travis County is ruining our chances of survival. EMS is the best.

Alan Brady: They are well-paid already. Soldiers are paid less and risk more.

Sonya Sepeda: How much would you be willing to pay if your loved one’s life was one the line? Would you put your life on the line for someone else? Possibly contract a terminal disease?

Christian Tamburri: The city is spoiled rotten with greed.

Kristen Leigh White: Just give them the money they deserve. They keep people alive.

Ray O’Neal: Do you even know anything about the negotiations? It’s all coming out of taxpayers’ pockets. They just can’t throw money at them. They should compromise.

Tami Cox Vance: They spend tons of money on in services, workshops, art and luring businesses to come to Austin. But what about paying people who provide a lifesaving valuable service?

Joshua Perez: But Texas loves all its public servants. Right?

Jon Talley: Citizens do; city management does not.

April Rose: Shame on them. These people save lives every single day. They are worth the price!

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