Facebook comments: March 19, 2017

As reported by the American-Statesman’s Julie Chang, State Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, has filed a bill called “A Man’s Right to Know,” that would put restrictions on vasectomies and Viagra prescriptions among other provisions. The bill appears to be a satrical response to an existing state law requires that doctors distribute to women considering an abortion the “A Woman’s Right to Know” booklet, which contains illustrations of gestational periods and the risks and side effects of abortions.

Michael R. Moseley: If this passes, it will open the door to make abortions even harder for women.

Tammy Edwards: It won’t pass.The point is to show how ridiculous it is to pass laws over things which don’t affect the legislator making the law and should be private.

Michael Seguin: The discussion of this proposal will be well worth the price of the ticket.

Zach Davis: Great. Let’s combat stupid laws aimed at women by attempting to pass stupid laws aimed at men.

Dave Newell: I hope that it passes. It would only prove just how messed up this country has become.

Tim Schroeder: Another great example of lawmakers wasting time and taxpayer dollars.

Laura Ivy: Ha! That’s perfect! Payback for all the crap the male legislators try to force on women.

Anita L. Lynn: We certainly have more than our fair share of idiots in our Legislature here in the state of Texas.

Suzanne Clark: Some of you Texans need to lighten up. Maybe look up “satire” so you understand her point.

Richard Whitehead: If this is all these people can find to do, they really need to be unemployed!

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