Facebook comments: July 13, 2018

As reported by the American-Statesman’s Amanda O’Donnell, according to a new LendingTree report, Austin is the Texas city boasting the largest percentage of $1 million homes. Of all the homes in Austin 2.16 percent are valued at or over a million dollars — the 11th-highest percentage in the country. However, the list places Austin’s median home price at a much more reasonable $282,000. The LendingTree report was based on home value data pulled in June, and it also found that Houston had the second-most $1 million homes in Texas, followed by Dallas, then San Antonio.

Karen Kitchens LeBlanc: And, evidently, they are all that matter. Soon, I won’t be able to afford to live here, thanks to the effect of those homes on property values of homeowners who aren’t so fortunate.

Heyward Dixon: I love Austin, but not enough pay ridiculous coin just to have a house.

Jac Vinson: It’s easy; just buy one for $20,000 and wait a few years.

Cindy Weaver Schaufenbuel: Tell me where to buy a house in Austin for $20,000?

Jac Vinson: Now, don’t ya wish you’d have bought that piece of crap house when it was only $50,000?

Gary Lane Brooks: Unfortunately, those $1 million homes are $250,000 homes anywhere else. Where’s the affordable housing?

Anna Marie Robinson: I bet most of these $1 million homes are not that great. These might just be regular-looking homes that are located in downtown area.

Armando Saliba: That’s because a two-bedroom shack costs $1 million these days.

Jerry Peter Eskola: It’s good when you buy in early, when cheap, then sell when over $1 million. That’s how a lot of Californians got rich. You just have to move somewhere else cheaper and cash in. But, then, you don’t live in San Francisco L.A. or Austin anymore.

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