Facebook comments: Feb. 2, 2018

Feb 01, 2018

As reported by American-Statesman special correspondent Maria Recio, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas told reporters Tuesday that the contentious secret memorandum on the FBI’s investigation of Russia should be made public. Cornyn is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and said he had not seen the memo. “I have been briefed on it and I do believe that there is reason to believe that this is an important part of the restoration of the FBI’s reputation,” Cornyn said.

Sharon E Walther: Of course he did.

Aaron Dutton: The Dems haven’t gone through the process like this memo. And the Reps are voting to release the Dem memo when ready. Seems like only the Dems are against both sides of the story being out.

Ruth Sagendorf Holleman: What an embarrassment to Texas. He is complicit with the corrupt and morally bankrupt current occupant of the White House.

Derrick Tucker: The problem here is that unless we get to the stuff that actually gives context to the memos — in this case, the intelligence work — they both remain political op-eds. Releasing both is better than releasing just one; but releasing neither is best unless we have the intelligence work necessary to evaluate the factual merit of said memos.

Zabe Truesdell: The whole point of this entire issue is that all of the context is still classified. Republicans are using a never-before-used power to rapidly declassify small chunks without the rest for context.

Jana Bintz: We already knew he was complicit and into party over country. Not shocking.

Justin Backman: Get to work on the budget, Cornyn!