Facebook comments: Feb. 6, 2018

As reported by the American-Statesman’s Roberto Villalpando, Austin’s Historic Landmark Commission unanimously approved the demolition of the HOPE Outdoor Gallery, more commonly known as Graffiti Park. Located near downtown at 1012 Baylor St., it was launched as a place where street artists and graffiti writers could legally practice, and will likely be replaced with a multifamily unit development. The street art gallery will relocate to Carson Creek Ranch.

Joe Valadez: Don’t worry everyone! This was in the works for a while now. The next place will be an amazing spot for this! Go there, support the HOPE organization, take pictures of what you see today but look forward to the next edition of the HOPE gallery!

Skip Davis: They are killing Austin. They ran off the disc golfers from Pease Park. Then they relegated the Auditorium Shores dog park to a little tiny corner. Now this. Austin ain’t weird no more. Austin is Dallas now.

Lee Ann Primeau: That area looked so much better before that “Gallery” was there anyway. I’ve always loved looking up from Lamar and seeing the castle there from the ’70s on. Then all of a sudden, it looked like a bomb had gone off and there was graffiti all over the place. Some of us remember the real old Austin.

Kenn Mayfield: There goes another chip off Austin’s artistic culture and uniqueness.

Terri Curtis: As a native Austinite, I can say that I have never visited and never wanted to.

Nicolette Strutzenberg-Raley: We will miss it but look forward to the next one!

Willie Schunior: This is what I mean about destroying all our childhood memories. What next?

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