Facebook comments: Feb. 9, 2018

As reported by the American-Statesman’s Mark D. Wilson, the statue of blues performer Stevie Ray Vaughan located on the shores of Lady Bird Lake was vandalized for the second time this year. The vandalism took place after the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl win. An Eagles jersey draped over the statue — and it was also marked with green spray paint. At the end of January, the statue was marked with white paint.

Virginia Al-Rikabi: Leave Stevie alone.

George T. Elliman: Time to set up some cameras!

Julie Satterlee Tighe: Jersey, totally funny. Spray paint, not funny. Plus, Austin doesn’t even have a football team, so what’s the point?

Will Dourland: Can my tax dollars please go to 24/7 armed guards for the statue? This is getting ridiculous.

Michael Steensma: I think it would make SRV giggle.

Don Cole: Better to be talked about — in this case, tagged — than forgotten!

Hietala Marie Leisa: Green looks good on SRV. Heck, the city will clean him up — and he’s survived all these years of floods.

Pamela Weaver: Some people never learn respect for other people’s things. You have to wonder what is wrong with some people’s mentality — that destroying public property brings them happiness and purpose in life.

Rosemary Mumford: Sigh. I’m just over here remembering when the Astros won the World Series and Houston celebrated without knocking things over and vandalizing other people’s property or burning down the city.

Chody Matthew Cheltyn: Just make sure Willie is safe downtown.

Michael Burgess: And that’s why nobody likes the Eagles.

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