Facebook comments: Dec. 31, 2017

As reported by the American-Statesman’s Sebastian Herrera, Mayor Steve Adler made a bold statement about the city future: “Austin,” Adler said, “should be to automated vehicles what Detroit was to the last century of automakers.” In two years, the city aims to hire an officer to oversee autonomous vehicle initiatives and develop a master plan for the use of autonomous and electric vehicles. In two to four years, the city envisions creating programs to help train people for new jobs that will emerge with the evolution of driverless vehicles.

Patty Miller: I don’t think that anyone can argue there won’t be some accidents as this technology gets started. However, think ahead at how much safer travel can become without human error. No more drunk driving or speeding deaths — and transportation for the blind, disabled, and elderly.

Aaron Dutton: Think of all the lost revenue in traffic tickets. And never being pulled over. Or being driven by law to a place you didn’t intend to go. The possibilities.

Marguerite Jones: Too many malfunctions on this stuff. No, thank you. I’ll drive myself. I have privacy — and I can stop at a store and get me something to eat.

Robert Cruz Jr.: With all the fatalities due to human error, I don’t know why we didn’t have this technology sooner. I’m all for it if it’s done securely.

Gregg Mcphedrain: Can’t wait for them to release the actual number of accidents they’ve had instead of getting caught having them and doing it after getting caught lying.

Jay Wohleb: I’ll go ahead and stick with my pickup, thanks.

Mark Douglas: Um. Some folks actually like to drive, Steve-O.

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