Facebook comments: Aug. 17, 2018

As reported by the American-Statesman’s Philip Jankowski, the Austin City Council approved the McKalla Place deal Wednesday, paving the way for Columbus Crew SC owner Anthony Precourt to begin financing an estimated $200 million stadium on the 24-acre tract of city-owned land. The vote was 7-4, with Council Members Leslie Pool, Alison Alter, Ora Houston and Ellen Troxclair against. Precourt aims to have the team playing in the Austin area next year.

Florence Briceño: When 2021 gets here, we will see how much true Austinites will be stuck with the bill. We will see. The poor drivers on MoPac and U.S. 183. Get ready for more congestion.

Brad Sloan: Well, mayor, you’re not getting my vote come Nov. 6. Roads and street improvements don’t happen by magic. We need taxes coming in — and you just gave away millions of tax dollars. We already got a soccer team coming to town out at Circuit of the Americas; so, why give up property taxes for other soccer teams to come? I hope the COTA team sues the city for unfair business practices.

Ian Zurzolo: The city was not receiving any taxes from anyone for that land before this deal; so, by your logic, the mayor and council did the right thing in bringing new revenue through lease fees that didn’t exist previously. And the lower division team at COTA is not part of MLS, which is the highest level of professional soccer; whereas the team going to McKalla is part of MLS. Big difference.

Sean Barfield: This will attract way more people to move to Austin.

Jonathan Naizer: Great. Just what we need.

Amanda Christine Loredo: How y’all gonna build an MLS stadium and not fix Interstate 35?

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