Commentary: Carry hope with you this Christmas, y’all

    Special to the American-Statesman
    Dec 22, 2017
Dressed as Santa Claus, Eldon Hansen stands in front of the Alamo as snow falls in downtown San Antonio on Dec. 7. That day, Central Texas saw more snow than it had since the 1980s. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

The days feel longer since President Trump’s vacuous tendrils descended upon our lives. We stare at our phones wondering what insane thing happens next. We’re addicted to apocalyptic news — and kicking the habit feels like a fantasy.

Is someone going to get shot at a McDonald’s? Was a group of Pakistani tourists run over in Los Angeles? Did Willie Nelson take his medicine today? Has a tweet kickstarted World War III?

The year 2017 was an emotional boxing match, with something awful popping you in the mouth and something wicked cracking your ribs. We’re lost in YouTube videos of folks going full-on WWE inside a Wendy’s, or staring too long at divisive clips of The Young Turks or Tomi Lahren, forgetting we live in a world of good things. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING .