Whataburger makes a 10-year-old’s birthday wish come true

A 10-year-old boy recently got his biggest birthday wish when a Whataburger restaurant in San Antonio, agreed to host a party for him. 

Harry, the son of “She's Crafty Podcast” host Catherine Contreas, only wanted two things for his first year of double digits: A trip to San Antonio Bricks and Mini Figs for some Legos, and a birthday party at his favorite Whataburger.

“I remember in the 80’s sitting at a long table at McDonald's with a million kids with birthday hats...I think I've seen some parties at Chick-Fil-A...but, Whataburger? I'm almost positive I've never seen that,” Contreas wrote in a post on her “She’s Crafty” website. 

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Contreas was hoping the Whataburger party would work out because Harry has high-functioning autism, and she knew how important his birthday would be to him.

“If you have kids, you know how important birthdays are. If you have kids with autism, you know how important every moment is,” Contreas wrote.

“Now, if you know anything about a kid like Harry, you know that life is very black and white. ‘It's my birthday. You said, on my birthday, I get to choose my party. I want to have my party at Whataburger.’ And that was it. In his mind, that's what was going to happen. And if it didn't happen, he wouldn't throw a fit, he wouldn't make our lives miserable...but, he wouldn't understand. Because in his black and white world, things go according to plan. What you say matters. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone lived by those rules? Because, even though Harry is unfiltered and blunt, at least he says what he means and does what he says.” 

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Contreas got to work on reaching out to Whataburger through social media. All she wanted was a small space just large enough to sit with Harry and sing “Happy Birthday” to him.

Whataburger obliged and then some.

“They decorated for him, they got him a cake....they sang Happy Birthday to him,” Contreas wrote. “They made sure every moment of Harry's birthday was magically orange and fun. They gave him the birthday he was picturing inside of his amazing little mind.”

Touched by the work the employees put in, Contreas shared her thanks in her post.

“Feeling special and celebrated for a day, is the best gift he could ever be given,” Contreas wrote in the post.

Photos of Harry and his Whataburger celebration can be seen on the “She’s Crafty Podcast” blog.

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