Video shows metroplex officer fall in front of car on icy road

Jan 03, 2018
Icy roads, such as Toll Road 130 in this January 2014 photo, don't just pose a threat to drivers, but also to emergency personnel responding to problems caused by the weather.

As temperatures in Central Texas have climbed above freezing for the first time this year, Austin doesn’t have to worry about icy roads.

But a video posted this week by the Hurst Police Department shows why drivers need to be extra cautious when conditions are bad. The video, posted on Facebook, shows a police officer slipping and falling on a slick highway as an out-of-control car careens toward him.

The near-miss happened on Sunday on Highway 183 in the Metroplex community northeast of Fort Worth. In an interview with Dallas TV station Fox 4, Jonathan Cramer said “I was just trying not to fall, trying to stay away from the traffic that was in my lane to my right. But unfortunately, I ended up falling.”

The officer wasn’t injured as the car — sliding on the icy road — passed just to the right of him. The police department posted the video to “highly discourage” traveling in icy conditions.