NEW INFO: Kidnapped Round Rock girls found in Colorado; man arrested

Updated Jan 03, 2018

10:30 p.m. update: Two girls reported kidnapped from Round Rock have been found safe in Colorado, sitting in the car with the man who police suspect took them away, Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks said late Wednesday.

Terry Allen Miles, 44, was taken into custody after county deputies in Colorado stopped him around 7:30 p.m. Mountain time while he was driving through Las Animas County, Banks said. Lilianais Victoria Cake Griffith, 14, and Luluvioletta Bandera-Margaret, 7, were found, unharmed, with him.

Investigators tracked him down after they got a tip regarding his whereabouts, Banks said.

“The vehicle started driving erratically,” but Miles eventually stopped and was taken into custody, Banks said.

As of 9:45 p.m. Wednesday, authorities had not yet charged him, Banks said. Two Round Rock detectives will be flying to Colorado tomorrow to continue their investigation.

The sisters’ mother, 44-year-old Tonya Bates, was found dead at her home in the 2100 block of Leslie Court in Round Rock, police said.

Child Protective Services in Colorado and Texas will bring the sisters “back to their families,” Banks said.

“Our whole goal was to bring these two girls home. … As you walked around our incident command center, it wasn’t ‘if’ the girls came home. It has always been ‘when’ the girls came home,” Banks said.

Banks thanked the tipster who led investigators to where Miles was.

“When we send out Amber Alerts and bulletins, it’s for a reason,” Banks said. “It’s to help get people back to their homes safely. This is a prime example of the system working.”

9 p.m. update: Two girls reported kidnapped from Round Rock have been found safe, and the man who police suspect took the girls, Terry Allen Miles, was caught in Colorado without incident, Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks said Wednesday.

4:15 p.m. update: Police are focusing their search in southern Colorado for two girls kidnapped from Round Rock, Police Chief Allen Banks said Wednesday.

Two photos taken from a business in Trinidad, Colo., on Dec. 30 appear to show Terry Miles, who police say kidnapped 14-year-old Lilianais Victoria Cake Griffith and 7-year-old Luluvioletta Bandera-Margaret, Banks said. The girls were not with him in the store but have been seen with him in other places in Colorado, said Banks.

“We have received a number of tips in southern Colorado. The tips seem to be good tips and we continue to send officers and federal agents out on these tips,” Banks said. “Our whole focus is to get Lili and Lulu back safely.”

Police have determined that the death of the girls’ mother, Tonya Bates, is a homicide, the police chief said. Miles is a person of interest in the homicide, he said.

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