God to Colbert: Forget Jerusalem, I’m going to Austin

Dec 07, 2017

Austin got a divine endorsement, courtesy of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” during the talk show host’s monologue Wednesday night.

Colbert riffed on President Donald Trump’s announcement that his administration was officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and arguably upending the Middle East peace process. He also poked fun at the blessings Trump gave at the end of his speech to Israel, the Palestinians and “the United Shursh.” 

So where does Austin fit in?

Colbert explained that Trump may have been trying to appeal to American evangelical Christians, many of whom believe Israel’s control of the holy city of Jerusalem would hasten the return of Jesus Christ.

That’s when “God” butted in -- a sketch character who occasionally appears during the famously Catholic Colbert’s monologues about religion in current events.

So when Colbert asks God if He’s going back to Jerusalem, the Supreme Being replies, “No way -- I’m not even sure it’s my holy city anymore.”

“Thinking of moving it somewhere more laid-back, like Austin,” God says. “It’s my favorite city in the whole United Shursh.”