Archive dive: A sweeping look at Mount Bonnell area in the 1970s and 1980s

Dec 06, 2017
This undated, uncredited archive photo from atop Mount Bonnell is simply captioned "upstream."

Mount Bonnell, a limestone hill towering more than 770 feet over Lake Austin, serves as Austin’s most scenic overlook and an important historic location.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2015, Mount Bonnell was an important landmark for Native Americans for ages. It has been a destination for picnics and other outings for Austin settlers since the 1840s.

Searching the Statesman’s hidden archives (in a dark corner of the building we call the “morgue”), I found a folder of Mount Bonnell photos from the 1970s and 1980s. Here are 10 of the best:

This undated and uncredited photo from the archives is simply marked "Mount Bonnell."
This undated, uncredited archive photo is captioned "Carol McMurtry"
This uncredited 1978 photo from the archive is marked "Mt. Bonnell wedding Affot & Daily."
This archive photo shows the view of downtown from the top of Mount Bonnell in July 1979. Photo: Ed Malcik / American-Statesman
This September 1980 photo shows Ben Greider (in a New Orleans Jazz t-shirt) waiting for others during a cleanup on Mount Bonnell. Photo: Jim Dougherty / American-Statesm
This October 1983 archive photo shows Myrt Delany, on her first trip to the top of Mount Bonnell, on a clean-up mission. Photo: Zach Ryall / American-Statesman
This March 1983 archive photos shows UT students Gabriel Esparza, 21, and Jana Scoville, 22, hiking to the top of Mount Bonnell for a picnic. Photo: Taylor Johnson / American-States
Mount Bonnell as viewed from Lake Austin in October 1988. Photo: Larry Kolvoord/American-Statesma
Park policement Henry Nava checks are the area around Mount Bonnell during his shift in July 1990. Photo: Karen Warren / American-Statesma

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