Love the world by loving yourself first

As a serial entrepreneur, a single mother of three, a not-so-active activist for human rights and a volunteer for Interfaith Action of Central Texas, I still don’t feel like I am ever doing enough to serve my community.

In my mind, I see myself ferociously protesting against violence, mobilizing communities to stand up against the world atrocities, fundraising promptly for burned synagogues and mosques, and calling my senators daily. I know I can do all this, if I am organized. I feel inspired to step up regularly as I see social media “check-ins” from my dynamic friends around the world as they attend rallies, donate their time as lawyers, take in homeless people or refugees, and cook tirelessly at People’s Kitchen Collective. But in reality, I can’t seem to find the bandwidth to support my noble friends and their causes every time my heart pulls me to be there by their side.

News waves fill the air about mistreated people of all colors in the US and chemical bombing of innocent children and civilians in Syria. Our legislatures are on a tear, reversing one bill after another for everything from, support for women’s rights, children’s education, refugee services and even laws protecting our own environment. It all makes us wonder where to even “start” so we can be effective in bringing sanity to our communities.

I spent two decades (and counting) studying about self-love in new-age spirituality books and ancient, sacred religious texts alike. I still never understood how critical it was to fully embrace and practice the whole concept of love within so as to successfully bring peace to our surroundings.

I was watching some videos on the “love revolution” and a line that the speaker Matt Kahn said, suddenly clicked. He said, “Oh! You are interested in bringing peace in the world? Imagine if each one of us on Earth said, ‘I love you’ to themselves and meant it like how they say, ‘I love you’ to their loved ones, all at the same time. Imagine what that would do to the spiritual energy around us on Earth at that moment? Yes, all violence would cease! There would be no killings or brutality. There would be peace on Earth.”

It was then that I connected the dots to realize how I could actually have a shot at working on bringing peace in the world. I could do that by accepting all of me and not just the vibrant parts of me on a good day.

When we begin to really trust the universe to take care us, we relax. We stop judging ourselves in the present, stop regretting the past or worrying about the future. We stop letting our egos get in the way of how we see ourselves in relation to others and hence don’t feel the need to be right or worry about being wrong. Without anxiety from self-doubt and self-disappointment, we also stop trying to prove others wrong.

The idea behind creating peace by starting out with oneself might seem intuitive at first, but its not. The steps include the following:

We are able to maintain ourselves in the “state of flow” when we begin to trust the universe and that naturally opens our heart energy. Open heart energy can be best described as being playful and detached from any particular outcome for any given situation such as “wanting to land a certain job” or “hoping to have a signed contract with a particular customer in less than 30 days.” This can be done with a mindset shift of really believing that “whatever the universe thinks is the best for me, is what will happen.”

This state of playfulness and working from a space of slight detachment allows us to be most creative. Being as creative as we can be, naturally records all incidents as moments of contentment.

A moment of contentment matches our frequency to the frequency of universe and attracts more abundance and prosperity in our lives and we feel taken care of.

This state of “being” is contagious. It brings us peace and we exude being peaceful, and will do anything to maintain peace around us.

If the above sounds long-winded, I promise you that it all starts with saying, “I love you” to yourself every single day and really meaning it. You will see yourself wanting to share the extra love you have and give it to others.

At the end of the day, when we decide to operate in the world from a space of love we practice pluralism where the faith we choose is irrelevant, and we are able to interact with different people without judgment.

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