10 spots to take the perfect dating profile pic in Austin

As more people turn to online or app dating, it’s important to have an eye-catching profile picture.

A good Tinder, Bumble or other online profile should have a diverse selection of photos. Five car selfies won’t do the trick. So how can you make sure you look attractive, adventurous, active and interesting in each of your photos?  

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Inspired by a user comment on r/Austin, we’ve put together a list of some of the best spots around Austin to take a dating profile photo. Make sure to bring a friend or ask someone to take your photo so they aren’t all selfies.  

  1. The cliff by Pennybacker Bridge 
    As a Reddit user pointed out, this selfie spot has appeared on plenty of dating profile photos. A good view, plus a hike up the hill equals an instant classic. 
  2. Zilker Park
    If you have a dog, this makes for a scenic backdrop for you and a pup. If not, try showing off your skills doing a cartwheel, spiking a volleyball or just setting up a picnic. 
  3. The greenbelt
    Nothing says “I lead a fit lifestyle” quite a photo of yourself with hiking shoes and a backpack. Some people also like to go swimming at the greenbelt, so two birds, one stone. 
  4. ACL Live at the Moody Theater
    Flaunt your excellent taste in music with a photo next to the Willie Nelson statue or in front of the Austin City Limits backdrop. You might just find your next concert buddy. 
  5. HOPE Outdoor Gallery
    Artistic? Beam with pride in front of some handmade graffiti work. No art skills whatsoever? You’ll still look cool in front of the urban art. 
  6. Any yoga studio
    In a city this active, just about everyone has practiced yoga before. Even if you can’t nail crow pose, a photo of yourself at a yoga studio will impress anybody. 
  7. Mount Bonnell
    We all know many proposals have occurred at the top of Mount Bonnell at sunset. So why not give potential suitors an idea of what you’d look like at one of the most romantic spots in Austin?
  8. A brewery, distillery, winery, etc.
    You’re not just a bar crawler. You’ve got taste! And what better signal of fine taste than a photo of you enjoying a drink direct from the source? 
  9. A local coffee shop
    On that same note, show folks you’d make the perfect coffee date by snapping a pic, mug in hand, at a local shop. 
  10. Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden
    Sure, they’ve got 103 beers on tap, but the ultimate dating profile pic just needs that infamous “manmosa.”

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