Still have a VCR? Where to find VHS tapes in Austin

June 06, 2017
A wild shot of I Luv Video from "Rewind This!"

Do you still have a VCR? Would you like to use it?

Nobody can blame you. As the VHS tape gave way to the DVD, the Blu-Ray and streaming, thousands and thousands of movies never made the jump to the latter formats or services. Genre films were especially hard hit -- thrillers, horror, science-fiction and the like.

A recent NPR story noted that archivists at the XFR Collective are working to keep VHS tapes alive. (Like, literally alive and working.)   

Check out the excellent documentary “Rewind This!” for the full story of VHS collectors and their sacred mission to preserve the past. 

Here are a few places to still find VHS tapes in Austin:


I Luv Video: Also long considered one of Austin’s best video stores (yes, Austin is pretty lucky in this regard), I Luv Video is the size of a planet (4803 Airport Blvd.; 512-450-1966) 

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Both Vulcan and I Luv Video have tapes for sale. Also check out:

End of an Ear: The South Austin record store, once a staple of South First commerce and record buyin’ is in a new location. As the owners are devout film nerds and VHS heads, they have a wall of VHS tape for sales (4304 Clawson Rd.;  512-462-6008)

 All sorts of thrift stores, Goodwill stores and pawn shops. Because you absolutely never know what you might find 

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