10 funny posts for anyone who’s totally over Elf on the Shelf this holiday season

Parents and non-parents alike are familiar with the Christmas phenomenon known as the Elf on the Shelf. Based on a 2005 children’s book, parents often place the elf at different locations throughout their houses in the days leading up to Christmas, making sure their kids know that Santa’s little helper is watching them at all times, so they better be good for goodness’ sake.

Well, not everyone loves the Elf on the Shelf. Let’s face it, he’s a little creepy. And how are you supposed to come up with a whopping 25 different locations or scenarios for this little guy around your house? Especially if you don’t want to repeat yourself year after year. In fact, Business Insider wrote that parents are actually stepping away from the elf this year, and a writer at The Week thinks that the elf is “Creepy with a capital C.” Fair. 

If you’re one of these parents (or members of the general public) who are kind of over the whole Elf on the Shelf thing, or if you’re looking for clever out-of-the-box ideas, you’ll enjoy these posts.

1. Comedian and mom Carolanne Miljavac says what we’re all thinking: “I don’t want to do Elf on the Shelf.”

My mama had a "Hickory Switch on a Shelf". #ElfOnAShelf #Humor #KillinMeSmalls

A post shared by Carolanne Miljavac (@camiljavac) on

2. This little girl, who is totally uninterested in this elf making a mess all over her house and is ready to go to blows over it.

3. This parent who decided the elf might be on the naughty list this year.

4. This total honesty.

5. This perfect excuse to stop moving the elf around every night.

Any body else tired of this stinking #ElfOnAShelf!! Lol

A post shared by Dave Martin (@drdavemartin) on

6. The Grinch on a shelf who will instill fear into the hearts of children.

7. This parent who was like, “My favorite holiday is Halloween but I guess I’ll do this elf thing anyway.”

8. This dog who is just as over it as you are.

9. This nightmare.

10. The final straw.

And for those of you who are still want to participate in the tradition, here are some clever ideas. 

1. This parent who actually had a great idea to make a marshmallow hot tub for Santa’s spy.

2. A bully elf to teach your kids how not to treat their younger siblings. 

3. This office-friendly elf on the shelf for people who want to annoy their coworkers (and maybe send some messages about imbibing on a weeknight). 

My office started an adult version of elf on the shelf this year. 🗝#officefun #remaxelitehomesqc #humor #elfgonebad #adultelfontheshelf

A post shared by Kate Howard, Realtor in IA/IL (@katehasthekey) on

4. This parent, who decided to teach a lesson about gambling.

Day 6 .... gambling is strictly off limits around the dinner table in this house 🏡 #elfontheshelf #elfonashelf

A post shared by 🌺mommy🌺 (@joannakelley70) on

5. This murderous elf.

Cutting out the competition #elfontheshelfgonebad #elfgonebad #christmas2016

A post shared by Lori (@tedbearesq) on

6. These elves in the Upside Down. 

7. This take on a slightly NSFW movie scene.

8. And last but not least, actress Busy Phillipps, who is the queen of Elf on the Shelf and everybody else should just stop trying. 

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