A small guide to Austin’s 7 specialty comics shops

New to Austin and wondering where to get your weekly comics fix, fill out your trade paperback collection and flip through back issues? Here is a guide to Austin’s comic book specialty shops.

Note: This list contains only comic book shops. Comics and graphic novels can be found at many Austin stores selling new and used books, including BookPeople and any Barnes and Noble or Half Price Books location.

Austin Books & Comics, 5002 N. Lamar Blvd. 512-454-4197, austinbooks.com.

This Austin comics icon just celebrated its 40th anniversary. Home to an excellent selection of new comics, walls of graphic novels, toys and the only serious back issues selection in Austin, ABC is the perfect store if you want virtually nothing but comics in front of your face.

ABC has several sister stores in the same mall: Guzu Gallery, which has higher-end vinyl sculptures and toys and a good selection of art books; Outlaw Moon, a store selling tabletop strategy games, role-playing games and toys; and the totally excellent Austin Books Sidekick Store, in which you can find thousands of dollar back issues and half-off collections.

Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy, 2438 W. Anderson Lane, Suite B-1. 512-454-2399, dlair.net.

This massive store is as much games store as a comics store, full of big tables on which there are often weekend tournaments for various strategy, role-playing or card games. They stock a full range of comics. Back issues tend to be limited to the past couple of months.

Hops & Heroes Comics, 1108 E. Cesar Chavez St. hopsandheroes.org.

This nonprofit store shares a space with the Austin Toy Museum and serves a small selection of beer in addition to a small selection of comics.

Junior’s Comics, 2110 Slaughter Lane, Suite 124. 512-282-1302, facebook.com/Juniors-Comics-221503914543360/.

A nice, full-service comics and cards shop. Plenty of new books, about eight long boxes of back issues and a Silver Age selection behind the counter.

Rogues Gallery Comics & Games, 1601 S. Interstate 35, Suite 330, Round Rock. 512-279-8888, roguesgallerytx.com.

One of two rock-solid stores serving Austin’s northern suburbs. A good selection of contemporary stuff and back issues going perhaps a year back.

Titan Moon Comics, 1540 Cypress Creek Road, Suite 108, Cedar Park. 512-358-1030, titanmooncomics.com.

This is the other rock-solid store serving Austin’s northern suburbs. Here, you’ll find a nice layout in this place and a good selection of books.

Tribe Comics & Games

3005 S. Lamar Blvd., Suite D-113. 512-693-4300, facebook.com/tribe.cag.

Tribe has plenty of new comics, a lot of graphic novels on various island-ish shelves throughout the store and about six or so months worth of back issues. There’s also often local geek-oriented art for sale on the wall (think paintings of Pickle Rick and Batman — not together, mind you, but on the same wall).

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