Astros fans hit up with requests big and small

These days it seems like there’s a petition for just about everything.

That was certainly the case after the Houston Astros won the World Series this week for the first time ever. was home to dozens of Astros-related petitions, calling for schools to close so students could attend Friday’s victory parade, requesting that beloved Houston furniture salesman Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale get a World Series ring of his own – and a whole lot more.

Bradley Hooton, for instance, was one of many asking school districts to shut down for the day. His petition, focused on the Cypress-Fairbanks school district, had more than 28,000 signatures.

Hooton, a student, said he started the petition after some encouragement from a classmate.

“I really only told her and my second-period class about it, and it exploded from there,” he said. “I am a huge Astros fan. My uncle was the pitching coach of the Astros from 2000 to 2003 and I have grown up with a passion for the game. My stepfather and I probably watched 150 of the 162 regular season games, and didn’t miss watching the playoffs.”

Hooton, who attended Game 2 of the World Series, said the Astros have helped bring the city closer together.

“It’s always fun to see an ecstatic team like the Astros, regardless of any score,” he said. “When they won, I was camped out at Academy and the win for the team is a win for this city. Seeing the mass crowds of people screaming and cheering just inspired me and really made me proud of what I call home.”

The petition came after the nearby Houston school district said it would close its doors for the day so students and staff could celebrate.

Another parade-related petition was started by Houston radio personality Josh Carmona.

“I’m a huge Astros fan,” he said. “The win meant so much to me, just to watch the magic that’s happened with this team.”

Carmona sought to have the parade moved to Saturday so more people could attend.

“I’ve been a fan … forever. Since the Astrodome,” he said. “There’s a lot of fans who can’t make it. They’ve invested their life, their money, their high blood pressure, their stress levels in this team. Saturday makes more sense. Why would you have 500,000 people when you can have a full million or 2 million there?” says more than 100 million people in 196 countries are active on the site, advocating for the Astros – and, of course – a number of other issues.

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