Grapevine goes to the dinosaurs in June

See the exhibit, then stick around for more fun in the Dallas area.


Grapevine goes to the dinosaurs in June

Grapevine, located about a half-hour from Dallas, has in recent years become a destination for Texas travelers thanks to its varied attractions that extend well past wine. Starting in June, yet another attraction will join that list.

The interactive “Be the Dinosaur” exhibit will arrive at Grapevine’s Grand Gallery on June 3 and stay through Sept. 18. The exhibit will encourage kids and adults to “be the dinosaur” with features that will include a virtual re-creation of the Cretaceous ecosystem that plays like a video game, full-scale T. Rex and Triceratops skulls, a Dino Safari Jeep, a “volcano getaway” and more.

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Missing Uber? Here’s a new alternative for airport transportation

If you’ve been searching for an alternative to Uber, Lyft, cabs and car services when it comes to getting to the airport, a new option has just landed in Texas.

On May 9, West Coast-based Wingz airport ride service officially launched in Texas. It offers transportation to and from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport as well as to Dallas’ Love Field, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Houston’s William P. Hobby Airport and Houston George Bush Intercontinental.

Here’s how it works: You create an account with Wingz, then select your pickup location and airport and enter all of your flight details. Once you’ve added all relevant details, you’ll receive information on who your driver is going to be and what kind of car they’ll be driving. Like your driver? You can request him or her every time you book.

“Everything is known in advance. We’re pre-scheduled, flat rate, surge free. You know exactly how much it’s going to cost. You know who the driver is going to be. Everything is known upfront,” said Wingz CEO Chris Brandon. “We’re a private car service at a cost that’s less than a taxi.”

When I priced transportation to the airport from Southwest Austin last week, Wingz quoted a cost of $36, compared to $44 with Yellow Cab and $26 with Uber (which had ceased operation in Austin as of press time).

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ICYMI: JetBlue addresses crying babies

Leave it to the airlines to face some of the biggest annoyances of air travel head on. Last week, one video was making the rounds that’s worth a look if you haven’t seen it already.

The video, released in honor of Mother’s Day, uses real-life experiences from one of its flights to remind passengers to give crying babies, and their moms and dads, a break. The video starts with moms about to make a cross-country flight with their babies talking about how nervous they are that their kids will misbehave.

Once the flight takes off, the flight attendant announces that every time a baby cries, passengers will receive 25 percent off their next flight. Four babies cry? Boom — free flight. Suddenly, everyone on the flight is cheering for the crying babies.

As someone who has frequently been the holder of a crying baby (and tantruming toddler, and whining pre-schooler), I can assure you that no matter how bad the experience is for you, it is always worse for the child’s parents. I appreciated the perspective this video offered, which you can view at


A step up for nursing moms

Austin-based actress, model and new mom Brooklyn Decker recently made headlines when she tweeted that Delta staffers told her she could deplane her delayed flight to pump breast milk for her son in the bathroom — only to return and find that her flight was closed.

Sources didn’t say where the incident happened, but next time Decker is flying out of Austin, at least she’ll have an alternative to pumping in the bathroom. Last week, Austin-Bergstrom opened a Mamava suite-style nursing station intended to “give traveling mothers privacy” and “create a pleasant place for pumping and breastfeeding,” according to a statement by the City of Austin.

The suite, located across from Gate 7, features two bench seats, a fold-down table and electric and USB outlets. According to the release, it’s large enough to accommodate a breast pump, carry-on luggage or stroller and another parent or siblings. Learn more about the suite at

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