Janek should resign as health commissioner
Rodolfo Gonzalez

Janek should resign as health commissioner

Kyle Janek should no longer lead the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

The critical report released Monday by a “strike force” deployed by Gov. Greg Abbott to investigate the health agency’s $110 million no-bid contract with 21CT, an Austin technology company, makes our conclusion unavoidable. While the report did not blame Janek directly for the “policy fiasco” with 21CT that “skirted the limits” of the law, it did find deep organizational issues within the department that Janek either failed to address or that his leadership style made worse.

The organizational issues “can’t be resolved without a significant departure from the status quo,” the report says.

you say: letters to the editor

Consider situation of the Palestinians; Congress has done little on immigrants

Consider situation of the Palestinians

Re: March 31 commentary, “Hecker: Israeli election requires introspection for Austin Jews.”

Finally a Jewish voice saying what I wish I was hearing from all American Jewish voices. We don’t have to live the misery of either side, but we do know how hateful and destructive discrimination is; and the Jewish people certainly know how it feels to be driven from their homes.


Others Say

Jack and Bryce Gilmore: We should all work to help eliminate hunger
Deborah Cannon

Jack and Bryce Gilmore: We should all work to help eliminate hunger

It’s time to end hunger in our community.

As chefs, as well as a father and father-to-be, we feel both the highs and lows when it comes to food in our community. Our city is recognized nationally for our highs — innovative cuisine, fostering and promoting talent, supporting local farmers and purveyors, and creating and building a supportive food community.


From the Left

Castro: Budget season in Texas means sleepless nights

What keeps you up at night? Is it the risks of not having health insurance? The rising cost of college? Overcrowded classrooms at your child’s school?

Well, it’s budget season at the Texas Capitol, and how legislators decide to invest state money could profoundly affect these and other aspects of our lives.

What have we heard so far this budget season?

From the Right

DeVore: Texas economy puts spotlight on transportation needs

Texas’ strong economy generates higher tax revenue and more traffic.

So, in 2013, legislators decided to use the former to address the latter, crafting a plan to divert some oil and gas severance taxes from Texas’ savings account to roads instead. Voters approved the idea last November, with $1.7 billion in new money flowing to transportation this year.

Others Say

McClure: Better-paid caseworkers would benefit CPS and Texas children

When I left behind my career on Wall Street, I wanted to protect children from abuse and neglect and strengthen families, so I earned my master’s in social work and my clinical license.

I thought becoming a child protection caseworker would be an ideal way to achieve my calling. But I was quickly advised by those who have been there that Child Protective Services was where you worked “when you can’t find a job anywhere else.


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