Add back-to-school donations to your shopping list
Ralph Barrera

Add back-to-school donations to your shopping list

As the mercury pushes above 100 degrees, it is difficult to believe that there is less than a month left of summer for most Central Texas schoolchildren.

Take a look at the back-to-school ads or the new offerings in parents’ Facebook feeds, and it is clear that the back-to-school sales frenzy already has begun. Although public school students don’t return until Aug. 24, some charter school students start as early as Aug. 10. But as families begin the ritual of restocking notebook paper, scrapping torn backpacks and replacing high-water jeans, it’s important to remember that not all families have the resources to start the school year with everything their children need.

You Say: Letters To The Editor

Battle flag bowed to truth of history; EPA rules protect water for all of us

Battle flag bowed to truth of history

Re: July 27 article, “Group tries to change minds about Confederate flag in Oklahoma.”

For those who insist that removing the Confederate battle flag from state and federal grounds is an attempt to change history, I suggest the opposite. It is the result of people finally acknowledging the flag’s history.


others say

Guarding recruiters exposes our fears
Scott Terrell

Guarding recruiters exposes our fears

Like many other Americans, I am upset by the attack on the recruiting station in Chattanooga. Tennessee. We are a diverse nation; our reactions to this tragedy have run the gamut. Americans have a broad spectrum of coping, from solidarity with the Navy and Marine Corps to sneering at President Obama for waiting a week to give the order to lower the flags to half-staff.


From the Left

Wack, Freedman: Change budget priorities to promote economic equality

“When a society – whether local, national or global – is willing to leave a part of itself on the fringes, no political programs or resources spent on law enforcement or surveillance systems can indefinitely guarantee tranquility.” — Pope Francis, Gospel of Joy

The crafting of budgets is an essential activity undertaken by local governments this time of year.

From the Right

Ginn: Minimum wage hurts most those the government tries to help

The minimum wage is a perennial failure, harming most the very Americans its proponents seek to help: those on the lowest end of the wage scale. Congress should stop mandating unemployment for millions of Americans by eliminating the minimum wage.

Freer labor markets benefit everyone.

Despite evidence showing workers — particularly those with less education and skills — suffer under a minimum wage, Congress has increased it 22 times since its inception in 1938, with the last round being from July 2007 to July 2009.

Others Say

In immigration debate, politics and reality diverge

Apparently worried about being eclipsed on immigration by Donald Trump’s traveling road show, House Republicans are preparing to stampede into the debate with a bill aimed primarily at strengthening enforcement.

Naturally. Because the stale and one-dimensional “enforcement only” approach has worked so well up to now.

If conservatives in Congress want to wrestle the issue away from Trump, they’ll have to bring their A-game.


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