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Re: Aug. 16 commentary, “Phillips: Is Patrick lieutenant governor or viceroy? Let voters decide.”

Viewpoints writer Alberta Phillips observes that Texans are not people ruled by a viceroy. I don’t think the lieutenant governor and the governor ever got that memo.

They are royalty who fabricate stories. Dan Patrick once said, “People are happy with their governments at the state level. They’re not with their cities.” They are royalty who tell us that the state knows better what is good for us than our communities do. As any first-grader can tell you, Texas is a big state! Is it just one more fabrication, or are the royalty unaware that soils, climate, community values and land uses will not be the same from place to place?

We are a democracy. We get to elect who speaks for us and we must speak for ourselves when they don’t. Self-anointed gubernatorial or presidential royalty may make decrees, but we can act, telling them “this is not who we are.”


Re: Aug. 17 article, “Abbott blames Straus for all that the special session didn’t get done.”

Yes, governor, the smell in Austin is getting much better now that the senators are leaving Austin. Wish you would go with them to make the smell even better.

You mentioned “dillydallying” by the House. What do you think the Senate was doing while wasting taxpayers’ money talking about bathrooms and trees? The House showed much better sense trying to solve urgent problems in a methodical manner than trying to race through an agenda full of personal desires. And who was the most hard-headed? The Senate killed a bill just because they did not get their way with a cap on tax increases.

And yes, I am eagerly looking forward to the next election.


Eighty years ago, we saw the horrific results when white supremacists, nationalists, Nazis and bigotry are not confronted. Today, we are seeing this once again. Eighty years ago, the Christian leaders remained silent as long as the horrors were inflicted on the Jews, minorities and disabled. Today, the silence from the Evangelical and Christian leaders is deafening. Should we follow the money to discover the root of their silence?


There are many historic Austin area figures who owned slaves, fought for slavery or who profited from slave labor. Thomas McKinney, for one.

Why not just rename such streets by only the last name of the person?

Lee Boulevard is concise and clear and a minimal change, and no one would know after a while if it were named for Peggy, Pinky or that other guy.


My experience tells me that there will always be racism because our government has policies that encourage those receiving entitlements to want more than entitlements. Now, they want every monument of Americans who fought for the Confederacy destroyed. Was the Civil War on racism or government individual rights? I was taught individual rights.

History has taught us that you couldn’t solve poverty or racial problems with entitlements. Sad to say but with social media, cable TV and the many people with influence voicing their opinion, there will always be violent protestors. I wish I could end this with the solution, but I think this movement is just the beginning of the show.


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