Letters to the editor: Sept. 30, 2017

Re: Sept. 26 article, “Texas congressman: Recall, replace John McCain over health care vote.”

Dear Rep. Louie Gohmert,

I read about your comments regarding Sen. John McCain on Fox News.

I am appalled that as an elected official you would kick a man when he is down just because you don’t agree with his vote. It’s beyond my comprehension you can be so cold-blooded. Does this make me have confidence in you to decide how I should receive health care? Obviously not — because if my dad has cancer and my insurance won’t cover it, you’ll say too bad, not my problem. McCain accomplishes more with brain cancer than you have your whole career. I fervently hope voters remember that next time you go up for re-election.


Re: Sept. 26 article, “Texas congressman: Recall, replace John McCain over health care vote.”

As someone raised in Arizona, now living in Texas, I fear Rep. Gohmert has read the citizens of my state entirely wrong.

A spirit of fierce independence dominates the entire board there, party lines be damned if they don’t align. Disdaining of intrusion, even an Arizona driver’s license is good for 20 years, with a nod and a “Stay outta trouble, now.”

Maybe Texans are looking for another daddy — and unsolicited, outsider advice works for you here, but the quickest way to both alienate and unite all Arizonans is by speaking to them like they’re children incapable of determining their own fates and making up their own minds, especially when you have no stake in the game. So bravo on your Fox interview. Well done. McCain’s staff should send you flowers and a bottle of really expensive Scotch. I would.


Gov. Abbott makes me laugh for urging Congress to approve the bill repealing “broken” Obamacare. The proof is in the pudding in Texas with upward maternal mortality, pregnant teens with multiple children.

People who have no access to health care die younger and get sicker costing all of us for their treatments. Health care is a right not a privilege. The U.S. is a wealthy country where health care should be a priority. Has Abbott spoken to any of the millions of people the Affordable Care Act has helped? I suggest he start there and it will be harder in Texas to find these people seeing there is are no state exchange, just the healthcare.gov.

Remember the Heidi Group? Texas got nothing and spent a lot for women’s health care. Planned Parenthood served the state well for less money. Trusting Texas lawmakers for Texans’ health care is a joke.


President Trump’s comments directed at NFL players who don’t stand for the national anthem has caused quite a stir. In defiance of Trump, many teams and players stayed in the locker room, knelt or linked arms together during the playing of the national anthem.

For the fans, the president’s remarks are not the issue. Many people (fans) simply find it highly offensive and disrespectful not to stand for the national anthem. It’s no more complicated than that. That doesn’t mean these fans aren’t concerned about solving issues related to social injustice. Players may be in solidarity with one another, but that can’t be said about the average fan.

People who don’t watch the NFL now aren’t going to start watching because they agree with kneeling during the national anthem, but many fans may stop watching. After all, there are other things to do on Sundays and Monday night.


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