Letters to the editor: Sept. 11, 2017

Re: Sept. 4 commentary, “I’m diabetic. If I stop working, I don’t have money to live.”

Julius Casey’s editorial is both encouraging and discouraging. Casey is obviously a hard, dedicated worker struggling to get by on part-time, minimum-wage jobs while dealing with health issues.

That said, why would anyone work jobs at these wages for 20 or more years? No promotions to management in all that time? No efforts to get education or training for better paying jobs? There are at least four food chains in Austin that pay $12 or more per hour.

Minimum-wage jobs are primarily intended for younger workers who lack education, training and experience. They use them to gain experience, buy time for education and move forward.


You did everything you were supposed to. Because you came to this country as a child, you were eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. You signed up, gave the government extensive information, submitted to a background check, paid a fee of $500 per year, and either worked full-time, joined the military or became a student.

Suddenly, you are told that none of that matters anymore and you are subject to deportation immediately! Not only that, you have given the government all the information they need to find you. It’s a dirty trick and not the American way.

Shame on Ken Paxton for filing a lawsuit to end DACA! “Dreamers” have earned their right to live here — and it is up to you to find a different solution. Better yet, admit that there is no problem!


As I watch and read coverage of Hurricane Harvey, I’m saddened and frustrated. Destructive weather is only going to happen more frequently due to climate change. I’m frustrated because our lawmakers refuse to act despite the clear link between climate change and extreme weather.

If you are also frustrated, act. It’s the best antidote to despair.

Write a letter to your member of Congress requesting their support for carbon fee and dividend legislation. Ask them to join the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.

Find and join a local group dedicated to dealing with climate change. In Austin, we have many, including Citizens’ Climate Lobby and 350 Austin.


I woke up this morning and a thought came to my mind: Why have we not seen any looting after Harvey? Because we don’t leave our neighbors stranded or hanging out to dry. This week I have seen highways lined with cars pulling boats towards Houston, not away from it. I have seen shelters overflowing with donations. I have seen Muslim Houstonians holding Eid prayer service outside the mosque because the mosque was offered as shelter.

Eid is the biggest holiday for Muslims to commemorate Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice — and they truly celebrated the spirit of sacrifice for their fellow brothers and sisters. I have seen Muslim women shoveling debris from strangers’ homes. What I have not seen is looting, theft and complaints from victims of one of the biggest disasters in U.S. history. Because we are #TexasStrong together. #HumanityFirst


Re: Aug. 25 commentary, “Relocating Confederate statue to UT museum was right move.”

No more racism after Confederate statute is moved and sent to a museum? Really? That is naivete at its highest.

Besides dreamy idealist and progressives, who in his right mind really believes that nonsense? I suppose we can all now have a good night sleep with pleasant dreams knowing that racism and bigotry will be a thing of the past. Good luck!

For the poor naive souls, I have oceanfront property in Arizona for sale at a cheap price. There you can spend quiet nights knowing the world is now a tranquil place.


Open letter to senators:

As a member of Congress, your duty is to protect, defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States. The president has caused a constitutional crisis involving the separation of powers. He has now changed the balance in the separation of powers rendering the judicial branch powerless to enforce judgments on constitutional law.

If you have any sense of respect for our constitutional democracy you would see the necessity to impeach the president. Protection of the separation of powers must be maintained if our democracy is to survive. He is taking a dangerous step toward dictatorship.


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