Letters to the editor: Oct. 20, 2016

Paxton will get his trial, despite lawyer footwork

Re: Oct. 13 article, “Ken Paxton appeal rejected, making criminal trial likely.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton seems to be nearing his trial date, despite his defense lawyers’ vigorous efforts to have the charges thrown out on technicalities.

I wonder if, on the day the trial commences, they will complain about the lack of a speedy trial.


Investigation necessary in matter of Rep. Dukes

Re: Oct. 3, 7 and 11 letters to the editor, “Criminal investigation of Dukes should continue,” “Why political corruption continues to thrive,” and “Boot Dukes from office; hold her accountable.”

I have read the many letters in your paper pertaining to State Rep. Dawnna Dukes and her situation with being investigated. It seems to me to be counter to ethics and even good sense to allow her to just “step down” in lieu of being prosecuted for her alleged misdeeds. Further, to allow her to pick the date of her departure in order to enhance her retirement and thus avoid prosecution seems counterproductive and even a reward to her for “getting away” with her alleged misdeeds, at the expense of taxpayers, for a prolonged period.

I agree with the majority of the letter writers who seem to think that prompt action on her investigation and possible prosecution to be in order and thus prevent her from further rewarding herself. Let’s at least hold her accountable.


Roads are for cars; put cyclists on the sidewalks

Has anyone but me observed how many people walk on sidewalks? Move bike lanes from streets to the sidewalks. The sidewalks could be widened to accommodate the few walkers, as well as and bikers, allowing the streets to have more automobile lanes while removing traffic congestion caused by cyclists. The results: more safety for the bikers, additional driving lanes for motorists and better traffic flow without having to maintain traffic-congesting medians or remove automobile lanes.

Austin is growing. In our lifetime the number of cars on the road will continue to increase, so instead of restricting traffic flow on our roadways, why not try to create more lanes to allow for better traffic flow? There are now, and will always be, more automobiles than bicycles on our roads, so I vote for the convenience of the majority, automobiles, not the minority, the cyclists.

Come on, Austin — use common sense!


CPS has been hampered by GOP’s budget cuts

Re: Oct. 14 article, “Texas betting on lawman to fix growing child welfare crisis.”

The article quoted Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick as saying of the difficulty facing Hank Whitman at Child Protective Services, “That’s how tough of a job it is, when you have to call in the head of the Rangers.”

Patrick seems to lack the self-awareness to understand that one of the reasons the job is difficult (if not impossible) is because of the cuts to CPS funding over the last several sessions championed by him and other Texas Republican leaders. Nor can he claim ignorance of the consequences since child advocates warned this would happen when the Lege started cutting.

When did Republicans stop being the party of accountability?


Need for attention may explain Trump problems

Using my basic college psychology classes, I understand that psychological projection means that a person sees his or her own personality qualities in other people.

Donald Trump projects many of his own personality qualities on opponents; Crooked Hillary — isn’t he the crook who doesn’t fully pay contractors after their job is done? Lying Hillary — he’s a pathological liar who makes up facts, figures, anything. PolitiFact checked him, we now know that he lies about every three minutes in speeches. Every three minutes.

Another simple theory; the Trump bully tactic of name-calling, Little Marco, demeaning, even without sexual innuendo. I think the term “little” significantly may reflect a deep, child-need of Little Boy Trump. Did he get enough parental love and attention? Bullies do seem to seek attention through negative behavior because they didn’t get enough love or attention through positive behavior. Is that the trouble with Trump?


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