Letters to the editor: Oct. 19, 2016

State leaders focusing on politics, not CPS need

Recently, five climate scientists from four of Texas’ Tier 1 universities held a public meeting at the Capitol. Their message was simple: Climate change is settled science. Our planet is warming due to the human emission of carbon into the atmosphere.

They were joined by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, the Ocean State, a place that has already seen 10 inches of sea level rise due to thermal expansion of the oceans.

Why would a senator from Rhode Island come to Texas to talk about climate change? Texas is the biggest carbon emitter in a country that is the biggest carbon emitter in the world. Without Texas, Rhode Island is literally sunk.

But, Texas already gets 10 percent of our power from wind. We have sun and the geology to sequester carbon.


Irresponsible driver, not unfair policy, is at fault

Re: Oct. 11 letter to the editor, “Impounding cars can hurt entire families.”

Reading this letter almost made my head explode. On what planet does the writer live?

Driving without a license is not a “mistake.” It’s a conscious act that, of course, can affect other people — as many of our actions do. If the driver hadn’t been so selfish and irresponsible, their car would not have been impounded, putting them in a difficult situation. Just do the right thing. It makes life so much easier.


Voters will repudiate Trump at the ballot

This presidential election has taken this country down a low road of personal attacks, vile, bigoted and violent rhetoric and general sleaze beyond any election in the modern era. The latest revelations about Trump’s “locker room talk” and his response of dredging up 20-year-old accusations against former President Bill Clinton are only the latest low. And the source is Trump’s bombastic campaign denigrating Mexican immigrants, Muslims, his primary opponents, the media and anyone that he decides he can bash for his purposes. His hateful words have fueled the sleaze-fest that this election has become.

Trump is so temperamental, thin skinned, volatile, ill-informed on the issues, generally ignorant, immature, mendacious, fraudulent and apparently pathological that he is clearly unfit to hold any office, much less the presidency.

But we voters get the final decision on who to hire for this most important job in our nation. We say, “Sorry, Donald, we’re going in a different direction.”


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