Letters to the editor: June 19, 2017

Re: June 10 commentary, “Why I challenged women-only screenings of ‘Wonder Woman.”’

I consider myself a feminist — and I agree with J. Stephen Clark that female-only screenings of “Wonder Woman” are discriminatory and set feminism back by alienating feminism’s natural allies who might go to see it.

Ironically, the movie itself failed to deliver on its girl power promises, overemphasizing the lead actor’s beauty and failing to include many actors who appear physically capable of the impressive feats they’re supposedly pulling off — with the notable exception of Austin’s Ann Wolfe.

Finally, Wonder Woman summons her greatest power from — spoiler alert — her love for a man. Thank goodness for little girls with short hair who play soccer and the friends who support them for really showing us what girl power looks like.


Re: June 9 commentary, “Herman: Is the new texting ban the best Texas can do?”

I get that meandering semi-coherence is Ken Herman’s stock in trade, but his June 9 column soared to new heights of incomprehensibility.

Is Herman arguing for or against statewide pre-emption of local traffic ordinances? Both, according to his column. Does Herman think a politically feasible statewide mobile device law is better than none? Seemingly not.

But it’s not all bad news: I found Herman’s column amusing, as usual. And I didn’t read it while driving — so there’s that.


Honing a bill to deny health insurance to millions is the current priority task for our U.S. senators. The GOP health care bill they are putting together is deliberately designed to suck $765 billion out of Obamacare over 10 years. Killing Obamacare is the absolute necessary first legislative priority, because Republicans need that money to deliver their second major promise: tax cuts. All that bounty goes directly to the very wealthy as tax cuts.

The Affordable Care Act is not in danger of collapsing, as our senators claim. That is trash talk not supported by financial experts. Destruction of the ACA is deliberate. The emergency room will be destiny for millions who will not be included in this new, bright, shiny, phony health care bill being constructed behind closed doors by a few Republican senators. Bills for uninsured emergency room care goes directly onto our property taxes. Fair? Call U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn.


Recently, Gov. Abbott made comments denigrating Austin. Clearly, he does not enjoy living here. There is nothing wrong with Austin — except he doesn’t like its progressive values. He’s a guy who lives for gun rights, religion (his own version, no one else’s), and he does not value women’s rights or women’s health, diversity or immigrants.

Austin has many high-quality businesses and services. Surely a highly qualified real estate agent can help him relocate to a more backwards part of Texas, where he will feel comfortable.


Our mother and dad taught us that knowledge trumps ignorance — to seek truth with unassailable curiosity so strong no dimwit ideology could interfere with what is right and wrong. It’s not rocket science what evil has sequestered itself into our lawmakers minds in Texas.

Kill the old and infirm, the young poor children who parents may not vote for the GOP. Make laws to put them in private prisons based on profit. We deserve the global ridicule that makes us the joke of the world. Texas now has the highest maternal mortality rate for any state and most industrialized countries.

Greg Abbott and his disgusting murderous polices must be gone. Texas is a mess. Enough!


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