Letters to the editor: June 12, 2017

Re: June 5 article “Austin Democrats emerge to challenge Republican U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith.”

I’m writing to say that while I understand District 21 is a historically Republican district, I do not feel that this is an unwinnable race. Between candidate forums, general interest inquiries and national news coverage, Derrick Crowe is mounting a legitimate campaign that can compete in November.

Looking at the special elections in Kansas, Montana and Georgia, Democrats are making huge inroads with traditionally conservative voting districts. I am a volunteer with Derrick’s campaign because I believe he has a legitimate shot at a win. I did not get this sense from the article, and I hope only to convey my belief that things will be close come election time.


There was a long-ago commercial in which the old lady couldn’t find the beef.

The Dems, New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, etc., have all been fueling the flame of the Russian-Trump collusion conspiracy. They use blown-up stories, false narratives, etc. to keep the story alive. Even the high-level Obama minions have admitted that thus far nothing has been found. I am like the old lady, “Show me the beef.”


Re: June 3 letter to the editor “Don’t recall student degrees; recall Trump.”

Well said.

It is said that regardless of our political leanings, we need to respect the office of the president and vice president. But it is pretty difficult to do that sometimes when this administration is headed up by the Archie Bunker of presidents. (Old-timers like me will probably remember the TV show “All in the Family,” with the family patriarch, Archie Bunker.) Respectfully, our president says and tweets whenever and whatever pops into his head, regardless of the implications, just like Archie spouting off.

But it could be worse. How would you like your job to be on the PR/communications staff for Archie Bunker, or for that matter, the Donald? As the PR spinners say, “Well, he didn’t say what he really meant.” Yeah, right.


Re: June 5 letter to the editor “Notre Dame response within students’ rights.”

The letter writer opined that the Notre Dame seniors had a right to walk out of the address of Vice President Pence at their graduation ceremony. I would agree that they had such a right. There are many actions that we Americans have a right to perform.

However, just because we have a right to act in a certain manner, why have the students as well as the letter writer supported this terrible act of discourtesy as “rational”? We have, in our beloved country, not formed our children in the art of courtesy and polite discussion even when we disagree with one another. The students who walked out were discourteous and acted as spoiled children. I have spoken to several competent employers who said that they would never hire such immature students who have never learned the art of courtesy.


Re: June 3 commentary “Castillo: In America First age, some in Austin say we’re all connected.”

Juan Castillo is right — a good education for our children is the dream of every parent. That there are 263 million boys and girls unable to attend school worldwide is way too many.

The Global Partnership for Education brings together educators, parents, donors and government agencies to develop and implement country plans to educate all their kids. They focus on countries in conflict. It is here where kids are most in need of normalcy of classrooms, a solid base for life and hope for the future. My hope is that our U.S. senators and representatives understand this international partnership is one the U.S. should support as it creates a more just, stable and prosperous world for us all.


What the president misses is that the American people have always embraced a challenge. We like to think big. We geared up for World War II in a matter of months and helped free the world from fascism, went home to create history’s first meaningful middle class, rebuilt Japan and Europe with the Marshall Plan, and sent a man to the moon.

Our next great challenge should be building an economy based on renewable energy. The market knows that is the future, even if the president seems not to. The best way forward is for Congress to support the revenue-neutral, job-creating carbon fee and dividend proposal supported by the Climate Solutions Caucus. Let’s use American ingenuity to tackle the world’s greatest challenge, not deny it.


Repeal and replace John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, John Carter.

These men are more concerned about revenge and payback against the Democrats than they are about moving the country forward. They have repeatedly voted solely along party lines, totally ignoring the voice of their constituents, and their own conscience.

They are against public schools, the environment, seniors, the disabled, affordable and quality health care for all, minorities and anyone who is not a white, heterosexual male.

I have mostly voted Republican for the last 30 years, but no more. These men do not represent me or my values. Repeal and replace John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, John Carter. Vote, vote, vote, come election day.


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