Letters to the editor: Aug. 14, 2017

Re: Aug. 8 article, “Opponent sends annexation bill on a House detour.”

Of course residents of unincorporated subdivisions like River Place do not wish to be annexed. When they leave home to work, shop or be entertained, they pay no taxes for the streets they drive. Nor do they pay the police who protect them, the first responders who would aid them in case of accident or for the parks they visit. They’re happy until their city decides they should carry their own burden.

Then, they run to other people’s representatives like Sen. Donna Campbell and Rep. Dan Huberty for legislation that gives them the exclusive right to choose to freeload from their home cities. Huberty says they should have the right to vote on taxation. What of the taxpaying city dwellers whose right to decide whether to be their beasts of burden is being stripped?

Huberty and Campbell’s Senate Bill 6 and the greed-based arguments of its backers are morally repugnant.


Kudos to the Student Health Advisory Council of the Texas Department of State Health Services for their recommendations that all Texas middle and high schools begin the day after 8:30 a.m. The SHAC recommendation reinforces the policy statements of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association and many other health and education organizations.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention identifies adolescent sleep deprivation as a public health crisis laying blame at the schoolhouse door. Although school districts like those in Austin and Dallas already provide healthy school hours for teens, many districts in the state mandate sleep deprivation by forcing students to wake as early as 5 a.m. to catch school buses. Ultimately, state legislative parameters may be needed to ensure school districts protect the health of all adolescents.


In addition to Donald Trump’s public discrediting of cabinet members, members of Congress, the special Russian prosecutor, and anyone who doesn’t agree with him, he now disparages Gen. John Nicholson for not winning the war in Afghanistan. This unjustified and insulting outburst comes from a person who used his father’s money and influence to obtain five deferments to avoid the military draft. As an Army veteran who volunteered during that time period, I consider Trump’s avoidance as both cowardly and unpatriotic. He has no concept of combat and fighting an insurgency. He may hold the title of commander-in-chief — but he’s never earned it.

His daily adolescent tweeting coupled with his narcissism, unhinged rants and erratic behavior is destroying our inherent values and undermining our global leadership. Trump must go!


I seriously doubt that Kim Jong Un will unleash his nuclear-armed missiles on us or any of his neighbors. But the fact is there are no facts to predict what he will do, or where or when.

This is all the more reason to rely on our own U.S. leadership to balance our military authority with skillful, experienced diplomacy, peacefully avoiding a maelstrom that can be irrevocably unleashed in nanoseconds.

The incriminations against both our national executive and legislative branches drone on and fill our media until we have become deaf to the serious nature of the accusations.

It is time to really consider what would happen if Kim or anyone else should decide to create a world crisis. We do not have anyone with the authority, experience, knowledge and credibility to give the world hope for security.

We only have comedians who are not even funny.


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