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Serrano, Veronica (CMG-Austin)

Thu 8/10/2017 10:23 AM



Lopez, Rick (CMG-Austin);

Gonzales, Chloe (CMG-Austin);

As reported by the American-Statesman’s Julie Chang, the Texas Senate rejected a plan to to inject $1.8 billion into the Texas public education system over the next two years. House Bill 21 was pushed by their GOP counterparts in the House. Senate Education Chair Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, said that the measure offered only temporary solutions and that the Legislature needed to further study problems in the system and make recommendations.

David Rhoads: Why not fund it and continue to try to fix it?

Amanda Phillips: Inject it into the school choice program instead.

D’Anne Hargis: We need to completely replace the current government of Texas with nonpolitical people who care and understand how education — and everything else — works.

Fidel Rodriguez: The thing is a lot of countries do more with a whole lot less funding. Texas spends more on education than any other state. Yet, people say we need more money. What we need is much more difficult: a culture change on the way we educate our people.

Patricia Budak: Tax corporations, so that homeowners do not have to pay exorbitant property taxes to pay for schools.

Hellen Pennell: Our system is so broken. Politicians are happy to let the CEOs and their own campaigns be funded but not the future workers, thinkers, inventors and teachers of their state. Our schools are crumbling. Teachers do not make a living wage. Yet, any funding is seen as “throwing money at the problem.”

Tami Cox Vance: Ha! The Senate wants to “study” the education situation closer — yet it has no problems regarding the lack of study on the “bathroom bill.”

Mike Ash: Texas fails its children yet again.

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