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Herman: Trump says a Lone Star star is born

Amid the noise and nonsense of campaign 2016, a Lone Star star is born. Donald Trump says so.

America, meet Sid Miller, our born-to-be-Texas-ag-commissioner and current Trump backer/booster/adviser.

Yes, our very own Sid the Agriculture Commish, he of the Jesus shot and statement-making office décor. Seems Miller caught Trump’s eye and mouth as a result of a Sunday appearance on Fox News. Though we elected Miller to oversee agriculture in our state, the label on the TV screen when he appeared Sunday on Fox said “Miller advising Trump on border security and guns.”

Trump loves Miller.

“There was a great guy on television today, and I have to tell you about it,” Trump said at a Sunday campaign rally in Las Vegas. “His name was Sid Miller from Texas.”

Actually, his name still is Sid Miller, and Trump mentioned him twice Sunday at rallies – once by name and once while apparently unable to remember his name.

(And, FYI, a Miller spokesman said odd Tuesday tweets from the commish, including one referring to Hillary Clinton in the crudest of terms, were sent by a staffer who overlooked the profanity in retweeting the message. That explanation came after the Miller spokesman initially said the tweets were sent by somebody who hacked into the Twitter account.)

More from Trump on the stump in Vegas:

“Oh, they know Sid Miller,” he said after some folks in the crowd cheered the Miller mention. “We create yet another star.”

Here’s some more of what Trump said: “He was on Fox. And a lot of you saw him. And he said, ‘You know these New Yorkers have it all wrong. You guys have it all wrong.’ He’s from Texas, wearing a big white hat.”

Yes, that’s how we know it’s Sid the Ag Commish.

“Smart guy,” Trump certified, going on to recount Miller’s comments on Fox chiding reports that the presidential race in Texas is close. Miller cited the enthusiasm he sees for Trump and high turnout during early voting, including, according to Trump, folks who “never voted before or they haven’t voted for 20 years.”

Somehow, Miller and Trump know all these people are voting for Trump. Two recent polls showed Trump up by 3 points or 7 points in Texas, an outcome that would be the tightest presidential contest in the state in many years. Miller told Fox News that polls showing a close race in Texas oversample Democrats and women.

Miller, according to Trump, reacted to reports of a potentially close race in Texas by saying, “You must be talking about a different Texas than the one I’m from.”

Yes, a Texas that gives its electoral votes to Democrat Hillary Clinton would be a different Texas than the one Miller’s from. I’m still not looking for Clinton to carry Texas, but, if she did it, would certify the GOP nominee’s candidacy as a bona fide Trumpster fire.

Later Sunday, at an Albuquerque rally, Trump did the Miller riff again, but this time leaving out the ag commish’s name, referring to him only as “a man.”

“You know in the state of Texas they were trying to say — ’cause the polls are crooked, everything’s crooked, man, it’s a rigged system folks — but they were saying we were very close in Texas. And a man got up today from Texas, he said, ‘I want to tell you something. We have the biggest turnout in the history of Texas. We’re up 50 percent more than we ever were, and those votes are all going to Trump, and I’ve been watching you guys talk about how it’s close in Texas. It’s a blowout in Texas.’ This guy was great,” Trump said of Miller. “It’s a blowout.”

And the crowd went wild for the unnamed man.

Miller posted the video of Trump’s Las Vegas remarks on Facebook: “Here is Donald Trump saying that he loves Texas and thanking me for helping set the liberal mainstream media straight about their wacky conspiracy theories about record voter registration and early voting in the Lone Star State. These aren’t Bernie Sanders voters coming out to vote for Crooked Hillary. These aren’t Barack Obama voters coming out to support Hillary. These new voters are Trump/Pence voters, some of whom have never voted or who haven’t cast a vote in years coming to the polls on historic numbers to save their country, to Drain The Swamp and Make America Great Again.”

After the Sunday appearance on Fox, Miller got a sort-of personal email of thanks from Trump.

“Sid,” Trump said in a missive indicating they’re on a first-name basis, “You were fantastic on TV this morning. If all my people were as good as you I’d be 10 points ahead. Thank you!”

It was signed “Donald J. Trump.”

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