This ‘90s star wants you to try grapefruit guacamole 

Guacamole has the power to rile people up when recipes deviate from the traditional ingredient list. 

In 2015, the New York Times successfully derailed workplace productivity when it suggested adding peas to guacamole. As expected, the general response from social media users was a big thumbs down. 

This week, the recipe site Delish recruited one of the most famous faces of the 1990s for a, well, questionable take on guacamole. 

Tiffani Thiessen, the actress who played Kelly Kapowski on a little show called “Saved by the Bell,” revitalized her career with her love for cooking and shared how she put her own touch on the classic dip. 

“I grew up in Southern California, where guacamole is a staple, so I made it a little healthier by adding citrus to it," Thiessen told Delish. 

She uses fresh ruby red grapefruit juice to keep the guacamole from browning and chopped pieces to a make the dip chunkier. Other ingredients include salt, cilantro, minced garlic and lime zest instead of lime juice (since there’s already citrus juice). To top it off, Thiessen garnishes the guacamole with roasted sunflower seeds. Since the recipe is “healthy,” she also substitutes veggies like sliced bell peppers and carrots for tortilla chips.

While not as robust as the pea guacamole criticism, the response to grapefruit guacamole was still pretty harsh once celebrity media giant People Magazine picked up the story. 

Shortly after “pea guac-gate,” our own web team gave the controversial recipe a shot. Most of us concluded that the amount of lime listed in the recipe overpowered the guacamole. So it might not be a big stretch to predict so much grapefruit juice could do the same in Thiessen’s recipe.

In the end, everyone’s taste buds are different and sometimes going a little rogue from recipes can result in a fun time and a new dish in your cooking arsenal. But as they say, if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Watch Thiessen whip up her citrus guacamole below.

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