Webb Report: A lot of Austinites ate like cavemen in 2016, study finds

Also: Local high school’s viral video gets a shout-out from the Killers.

Do you even paleo, bro? Apparently, y’all do … bro.

According to food delivery company Grubhub, Austinites in 2016 wanted to eat as the cave folk did. In a study of the most popular eating trends last year (or “diets,” if euphemisms aren’t your thing), the paleo diet reigned supreme among all other specialized food plans in the capital of Texas. The paleo diet, in case you you’ve never eaten out with someone who makes a waiter sigh, is based on eating only foods available to Paleolithic-era humans. Essentially, a lot of meat, fruits, vegetables and nuts, and no dairy, bread, processed foods, alcohol or simple pleasures in life.

Grubhub’s methodology? The company says it looked at delivery orders “related to the most popular healthy eating plans in the United States: paleo, raw, juice cleanse, vegan, gluten-free, low-fat, Mediterranean and keto diets.” Entirely possible that every paleo devotee in Austin was just too lazy to eat anything other than takeout, in other words.

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Austin also landed at No. 8 on the list of major U.S. cities whose citizens were chasing a diet fad. Austinites ordered 44 percent more foods from a “popular meal plan” than the rest of the nation, according to the study. Seattle and Portland topped the list (gluten-free, they are). Dallas slid in at No. 3 (also favoring the paleo way of life).

The Fred Flintstone foodie trend also took home gold medal among all other diets across the country — such orders were up 370 percent over the previous year, according to Grubhub.

Look on the (Mr.) bright side

Thinking lip dub videos are so 2000-and-late? Wrong. Austin’s Liberal Arts and Science Academy just made a viral lip dub video to the Killers’ “All These Things That I’ve Done,” and you can watch it online on Vimeo.

And sure, maybe lip dub videos stopped being “a thing” back in 2011, but that doesn’t change the fact that the video is pretty amazing. Clearly, a lot of preparation and rehearsal went into it, and it turned out pretty cool.

The video is somewhat of a tradition for the school. Vanessa Mokry, the audio video production teacher at LASA, said this is the third lip dub video the school has done. While they’ve never thought of it as a “tradition,” it’s becoming one.

It all started in 2013, when Mokry said a student showed her a video done by another school. The students in her Advanced AV Production class decided to plan, direct and shoot a lip dub video to “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie.

The rest is history.

“It was decided that we would maybe try to do one every two years in order to give each kid the chance to be an upperclassman in a lip dub,” Mokry said.

FROM ACL 2015: The Killers’ Brandon Flowers was the real Mr. Brightside all along

The secret to any good lip dub, of course, is finding the right song, which was an easy hurdle to clear this year.

“One student in particular spent the last two years trying to find the right song,” Mokry said. “When we finally thought of the Killers, there was no debate.”

Once the shooting day came around, it only took them three takes to get the final product, which has now gained the attention of the band itself. The Killers shared the video on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, garnering more than 10,000 views on the original video and more than 148,000 views on Facebook.

It’s good timing, too — the band is coming to Austin in October as one of the headlining acts for this year’s Austin City Limits Festival.

— Katey Psencik, American-Statesman staff

A very good doggo

You’re not seeing things: That’s really a dog hanging out on a roof in Austin, and he’s stopping people in their tracks.

People do a double take when they see Huck hanging out on top of his family’s home. The golden retriever has created such a sensation, both online and in his neighborhood, that his owners had to post a sign on their door explaining that Huckleberry is just fine.

“Huckleberry is living up to his name and learned how to jump onto our roof from the backyard,” the sign reads, according to KVUE. “We never leave him in the backyard without someone being at home. He will not jump off unless you entice him with food or a ball.”

The sign also asks people not to knock on the door: “We know he’s up there.” But people are encouraged to take pictures and post them with the hashtag #hucktheroofdog. Pictures of Huck on the roof have gone viral, with people posting: “He’s so cute.” “This is the cutest thing ever.” “#hucktheroofdog made my day.”

— Shelby Lin Erdman, Cox Media Group national content desk

Blazing trails, fighting blazes

In its 105 years, the Harlingen Fire Department has only employed men. Until Bree Rios, that is.

Last month, the department announced that 25-year-old Rios would join 108 male peers and become the first woman firefighter the Texas city has ever had. Among those 108 men is Rios’ own father, Victor Rios, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

“While we have added new stations, new trucks and had many different chiefs, the one thing we have never had was a female firefighter,” the post reads.

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Cirio Rodriguez, Harlingen’s assistant fire chief, told People magazine that the city has encouraged female applicants, but that the “interest really hasn’t been there until the last few years.”

If only in the case of Rios, that doesn’t seem to be true. According to People, Rios had wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps since she was 4 years old, when she would visit him at the firehouse and ask questions about “why the trucks were red and why there weren’t any ‘girls’ working there.”

Rios also said she’s been teased about cooking by some of her fellow firefighters, to which she replied, “I don’t know how because my dad never let me near the stove.”

— Amanda O’Donnell, American-Statesman staff

Yes, but could he feel his face?

Where did Selena Gomez take new boyfriend the Weeknd when visiting her home state? The pair reportedly spent leisure time in Texas recently while the “Earned It” singer (aka Abel Tesfaye) made several stops on his Starboy tour.

So, a San Antonio Spurs game? A barbecue dinner? A massive indoor golfing facility?

Yes, that’s the one.

Pictures showing the couple sharing an evening playing golf at a Dallas Top Golf location surfaced online, according to the Cut. The pair has previously spent some quality time at another trendy date spot — Olive Garden in Los Angeles.

— Amanda O’Donnell, American-Statesman staff

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